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Flower decoration made from paper plates

Flower decoration made from paper plates
25 min Easy

Create a colourful flower meadow in the children‘s room! How?
With the Noris junior coloured pencil and a few ordinary paper plates. The child-friendly coloured pencil can be used to transform the room window into a creative flower meadow. This pencil can be used on glass, cardboard and paper. Best of all - you don‘t even have to water this flower meadow!

Step-by-step tutorial

Paint the centre of the paper plate in a colorful pattern with the Noris junior coloured pencil. Circles, dots or funny faces – whatever you like.

Design a beautiful shape for your flower petals. Make a stencil of paper or cardboard and place the stencil on sugar paper. Use a pencil to trace the outline.

Cut out the petal with scissors. Repeat this step several times.

You have enough flower petals if you can place them around the paper plate and there are no gaps.

Now stick the petals to the edge of your paper plate.

Your flower is ready once your border is completely decorated with petals. Now you can paint your window with the Noris junior coloured pencils with colourful butterflies, a sun, meadow and stems.

Stick the flowers with adhesive tape to the windowpane on the flower stems and your creative flower meadow is done.

Tip: The windowpane is very easy to clean again. Simply spray the painting with glass cleaner and wipe off with kitchen paper.

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
Noris® 120 Graphite pencil - Single product HB 120-2 1

Additionally required:

Pritt glue stick, Sugar paper, Paper plates, Adhesive tape

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