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Noris junior - Magical lanterns

Noris junior - Magical lanterns
25 min Easy

Just look at how they glow! Noris junior coloured pencils are great for decorating preserve jars and transforming them into lovely lanterns. Fitted with LED fairy lights or an LED tea light, your lantern will cast a lovely gentle glow all around. Decorate them with a snowman, ice crystals and stars and bring the frosty winter atmosphere indoors. And the great thing about Noris junior coloured pencils is that they’re easy to wipe off with glass cleaner, so you can re-decorate your lantern for each new season.

Step-by-step tutorial

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To enable you to hang up the lantern later, start by getting an adult to make a wire hook. Cut two pieces of craft wire. These need to be long enough to fit generously around the neck of the preserve jar. Gently bend one of the pieces of wire at both ends. The bent lengths will be twisted to form loops and so they should not be too short.

Use the pliers to twist the ends of the wire to form a small loop at each end. Then bend the wire into a U shape, and the handle for your lantern is done.

Now thread the second piece of wire through both loops and bring the ends together.

Place the wire around the neck of the preserve jar. Overlap the ends of the wire and tighten so that the wire fits snugly around the glass.

Twist the overlapping wire ends together using the pliers. Make sure the wire fits snugly around the glass and can’t slip off. Nip off the ends of the twisted wire using the pliers and bend them inwards.

Now your lantern is ready to decorate. To make it easier to see your designs as you paint, simply roll up a piece of black paper and slide it into the preserve jar.

There are no limits to your imagination as far as your choice of design is concerned: what about a snowman with a carrot for a nose, shining yellow stars or ice blue snow crystals? Paint all around your lantern in whatever design you like.

When your lantern is finished, simply fill it with some colourful decorative sand.

To light up your lantern, place LED fairy lights or an LED tea light inside. This will create a beautiful glow and give your child’s room a lovely cosy feel.

Material overview

You need the following STAEDTLER products:

Noris® junior 140Noris® junior 1403 in 1 kids' colouring pencilCardboard box containing 18 coloured pencils in assorted colours, 1 sharpener and 1 brush

You will also need: preserve jar, LED fairy lights or LED tea light, craft wire, wire cutters, decorative sand, sheet of black paper

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