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Indian Summer – FIMO autumn leaves decoration

Indian Summer – FIMO autumn leaves decoration
40 minEasy

Colourful leaves in all kinds of colours are typical for autumn - and they are a wonderful decoration!

FIMO decorative autumn leaves not only look beautiful, they don't wither either. With colour gradients that are based on the typical autumn colours, you can bring the bright colours of Indian Summer into your living room.

Lisa Tihanyi

An article by Lisa Tihanyi

Step-by-step tutorial

Take one block each of FIMO soft in cherry red and sunflower, roll each into a ball and then roll out into a sheet using the acrylic roller.
Now pass each sheet through the clay machine on setting 1 to make two sheets of the same thickness.

Tip: Work in progress and left-over material should be protected against sun and heat and can be stored in a screw-top jar or in cling film to protect it from dust and dirt.

To create the colour gradient, cut a rectangle from each colour. Cut each single colour rectangle in half diagonally. Don’t cut precisely from corner to corner: make your cut a little off centre.

Place the resulting triangles back together to form rectangles made of two colours.

Roll over once with the acrylic roller, so that the two triangles join at the seam.

Then fold the rectangular sheet so that the same colours are on top of each other at the side edges (yellow on yellow, red on red).

Be careful to ensure that there is a single coloured strip of FIMO at each end.

Now pass through the clay machine (setting 1), fold first.

Fold the FIMO sheet again in the same way and pass through the clay machine again, fold first.

Be careful to ensure that the right and left edges are in single colours. Keep folding and passing through the machine until you have an even colour gradient from yellow to red.

Cut out a leaf shape using the cutter.

Now use the modelling tool to add the fine details of the leaf and pierce a hole in the top of the leaf using the bead piercing needle or the modelling tool, so that it can be hung up later.

You can create as many different leaves as you like in this way. Leaves with a yellow to green colour gradient look pretty, too.

Now lay all the leaves on baking paper, harden in the oven at 110°C / 230°F for 30 minutes and allow to cool.

Tip: It creates a particularly lovely look if you use a mix of different autumn colour gradients, e.g. red to yellow, yellow to green.

Instructions for beads

To create the beads, roll 3 portions of FIMO soft sunflower into a cord.

The cord should be about the same diameter as the portioning ring. Now push the cord into the portioning ring and cut off at the aperture.

To make one bead you will need exactly as much FIMO as will fit in the portioning ring. Remove the pre measured FIMO from the portioning ring and place in the bead roller.

Close the lid and slide both halves backwards and forwards until you are happy with your bead.

Then pierce a hole through the bead using the bead piercing needle. You can make as many beads as you like in this way, in different colours and shapes.

Then harden all the beads in the oven at 110°C / 230°F for 30 minutes and allow to cool.

Tip: To harden your beads, arrange them in rows on the bead piercing needle and suspend it over an ovenproof container. This will mean the beads hang in the air in the oven and won’t have any pressure marks.

To finish, tie the beads to the leaves with lengths of nylon cord. Hang up the leaves in combinations of different colours, with a couple of single colour yellow leaves now and again!

Hang your leaves individually on a branch or take a piece of driftwood and attach several leaves to it. Your FIMO leaf decoration is done!

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
FIMO® soft 8020 Oven-hardening modelling clay - Single product cherry red 8020-26 3
FIMO® soft 8020 Oven-hardening modelling clay - Single product sunflower 8020-16 3
FIMO® 8700 05 Acrylic roller - Blistercard containing an Acrylic roller 8700 05 1
FIMO® 8711 Modelling tools - Wallet containing 4 different modelling tools 8711 1
FIMO® 8712 20 Bead piercing needles - Blistercard containing 50 bead piercing pins 8712 20 1

Additionally required:

Leaf cutter, smooth working surface (glass or ceramic), nylon cord, needle, scissors

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