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How to Draw a Mandala - Tutorial by Marianne Balk

60 min Medium

„It fascinates me that every mandala is different and it is very relaxing and it is nice to look at it for hours ;)“

Marianne Balk

An article by Marianne Balk

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Step-by-step instructions

When I start drawing a mandala I take the materials I need: paper, fineliners (STAEDTLER of course), a pencil, a ruler, an eraser, a compass and a protractor. I find the middle of the paper and put a little point in it with the compass. I draw the circle as big as I want the mandala to become. Then I make a straight line with a ruler and with the protractor I make points in various degrees. With the ruler I connect the points.

Now it’s time to draw the basic outlines. On this picture you can see the start of it.

Finished the basic lines. While drawing I made new circles and when necessary I draw more lines with the pencil.

Here you can see that I started to fill the basic drawing with different patterns.


When all the fields are filled with patterns, I erase the pencil lines and the mandala is ready! Ready for colouring or whatever...

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