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Easter decoration – Upcycled vase with lettering

Easter decoration – Upcycled vase with lettering
20 min Easy

Have you thought about what to give your loved ones this Easter or how to decorate? This lovely DIY upcycled vase with self-designed lettering is perfect for gifting and decorating. Whether as a decoration on the Easter table, on the window sill or as a gift for the invitation to the Easter brunch. Simply grab an empty jar and turn it into your own Easter decoration in no time with this beautiful lettering.


An article by Mone

Step-by-step tutorial

Rinse the old jar well, remove the label and dry the jar thoroughly. Print and cut out the motif template for the lettering and stick it to the inside of your jar using the adhesive strip so that the lettering is clearly visible to you.

Download template

Now trace the lines of the lettering template with the STAEDTLER white pen and let the ink dry on the jar for a few minutes.

Then remove the template from the jar.

Now fill your vase as you wish. Whether wheatgrass and hyacinths or water and a few fresh cut flowers – just pick a few pretty flowers that you love.

You could also finish by wrapping the opening of the glass with a bast cord and tie the ends of the cord together with a bow.

Your Easter vase is ready!

If you wish, you can create more jars in different sizes, shapes and colours. There are no limits to creativity! Have fun!

Material overview

What you need

Additionally required:

Jar (a sausage jar is best); Spring onions, for example hyacinths; Wheatgrass; Ribbon, for example bast; Adhesive strips; Scissors; Template

No time right now?

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