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DIY Sea shell drawings

DIY Sea shell drawings

A beach day is quite simply balm for the soul. These three drawings will give you the wonderful feeling of sun, beach and sea within your four walls. 
Just like on holiday, the shell motifs bring calm and a feeling of lightness to your home. Combine the pictures with natural materials and decorative elements for a classic beach house look.


An article by Claudia

Preparation "Transfer motif to paper"

Print out the shell motif. Use a soft pencil (Mars Lumograph, 4B) to evenly shade the back of the template motif.

“Sealtop” template

"Bandit tulip" template

"Alphabet cone" template

Place the template (with the front facing up) precisely on the drawing paper. Then trace the outline and lines using a sharpened pencil (Noris HB). This transfers the motif to the paper. Before removing the template, check to see that all the lines have been transferred. Now place the lettering centrally under the motif and trace all letters.

A small tip: Placing a piece of paper under your drawing hand stops areas that have already been worked on from smearing during the rest of the drawing process.

“Sealtop” shell

Add another line parallel to the diagonal lines. Use a 2B pencil to colour the resulting fields in.

“Sealtop” template

Use the 4B pencil to draw back and forth along the transverse lines.

Erase a semicircle at the bottom.

With the 4B pencil, you can deepen the dark spots in the left diagonals.

Now colour in the letters with the HB pencil.

"Bandit tulip" shell

Lightly shade the shell body with the HB pencil. Always keep the incidence of light in mind and shade accordingly from light to dark.

"Bandit tulip" template

Deepen the shadows with the 4B pencil.

Use the HB pencil, with hatching and vertical lines, to create a pattern on the shell body and then colour in the letters.

"Alphabet cone" shell

Shade the shell opening first with the HB pencil, then with the 4B pencil. Then create light shadows on the shell body with the HB pencil.

"Alphabet cone" template

Now fill in the pattern. Always shade from light to dark. Start on the light side (left) with the HB pencil and deepen the pattern to the shadow side (right) with the 4B pencil.

Finally, colour in the letters.

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
Mars® Lumograph® 100 Drawing pencil - Cardboard box containing 6 drawing pencils in assorted degrees, 1 eraser and 1 metal sharpener 61 100 C6 1

Additionally required:

A4 drawing paper

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