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DIY Happy Halloween pumpkins

DIY Happy Halloween pumpkins
60 min Easy

It’ll soon be that time of year again: “Trick or Treat!” These great spooky Jack o’ lanterns will really set the Halloween mood. Covered in white acrylic with details in black Lumocolor permanent markers, the lanterns are quick to paint and can be arranged on a sideboard or on the windowsill. They’ll give everyone a lovely shudder!

Step-by-step tutorial

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Before applying the white base coat to the pumpkins, make sure you clean them with a kitchen sponge and soap, and dry them thoroughly. This will help the acrylic paint stick to them better. Squeeze some paint onto the palette and then use the broad, dry paintbrush to apply white paint to the top half of each pumpkin. Leave to dry and then paint the bottom half. Once the whole pumpkin is dry, apply another layer of white. Then let it all dry completely!

To create the ring design, place the Lumocolor permanent marker at a slight angle at the top of the pumpkin and turn the pumpkin underneath it, so as to create an even downward spiral.

To create a spider’s web design on your pumpkin, trace a vertical line down each section with the Lumocolor permanent marker, maybe adding a few extra lines in between. Then draw in curved horizontal lines connecting all the vertical lines. Feel free to vary the pattern in the spaces to create your own exciting designs. A pretend spider will round off your design perfectly.

Use the soft Lumograph 4B pencil to copy, trace or sketch in advance any designs or lettering that you're not going to draw on to your pumpkin freehand. Then cut round your template roughly, turn over and shade over the reverse side of the design using the soft Lumograph pencil to apply a really thick pencil layer.

Download template

Place the template on the pumpkin and if necessary secure with small strips of washi tape to prevent it slipping. Now trace your design onto the pumpkin. Remove the template.

Now go over your design with the Lumocolor permanent marker and colour in. The best Lumocolor marker to use for this is one with a broad chisel tip.

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
Mars® Lumograph® 100 Drawing pencil - Single product 4B 100-4B 1
Lumocolor® permanent pen 317 Permanent universal pen M - Single product black 317-9 1
Lumocolor® permanent marker 350 Permanent marker with chisel tip - Single product black 350-9 1
Lumocolor® permanent marker 352 Permanent marker with bullet tip - Single product black 352-9 1

Additionally required:

Differently shaped pumpkins, white acrylic paint, palette, broad, paintbrush, optional: washi tape, scissors, kitchen sponge

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