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Upcycling - Painted Flowerpots

Upcycling - Painted Flowerpots
25 min Easy

We all have old flowerpots in the basement that we don‘t really like any more.
But they are still too good to throw away. What to do? Upcycling is the solution. Paint your old pots with the Lumocolor permanent marker and give them a minimalistic look. Use different patterns to add a bit of variety to your designs and create a whole new look for your old pots!


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Step-by-step tutorial

Find a few old flowerpots and wash them with water to remove any dirt and dust. Then dry the pots so you can draw on them.

Take the Lumocolor permanent duo in black and draw different shapes on the surface of the pots. Whether you want to be minimalistic, add some creative lettering or create elaborate designs, you can let your creativity run wild.

Please note: The Lumocolor permanent duo is permanent and waterproof. So make sure you know how you want to decorate the pots before you start.

Idea 1: Draw circles with different sizes and stroke widths on your flowerpot.

Idea 2: Draw fine lines horizontally and vertically on the flowerpot with the F tip to create a beautiful grid pattern.

Idea 3: Draw lines about 3 cm in length across the flowerpot.

Idea 4: Draw dots in different sizes and distribute them wildly over the cachepot.

Idea 5: Draw triangles over the entire flowerpot. You can colour in some of the triangles.

When your flowerpots are ready, you can place them on your balcony, in your garden or, of course, in your home and create a pretty arrangement.

Material overview

What you need

Additionally required:

Old flowerpots, e.g. made of metal

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