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Upcycling cutting board with lettering

Upcycling cutting board with lettering
25 min Easy

Do you still have an old wooden cutting board lying around the house?
Great! Because you can use it to easily create nice lettering for your barista corner!


An article by Vera

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Step-by-step tutorial

Simply download the lettering template with the coffee delicacies. Then, just adjust the lettering in your printer settings to the appropriate size on your cutting board and print it out on DIN A4 paper.
Too many coffee delicacies for your liking? No problem – you can simply cut out the words you want to use.

Lettering template 1

Lettering template 2

Then fix the template with masking tape in the middle of your cutting board.
Using a ballpoint pen, trace all the lines of the lettering firmly so that it is pressed through onto the wood of the cutting board.

Remove the template and check if all lines have been pressed well into the wood.

Now trace all lines with the STAEDTLER Lumocolor permanent coloured pencil in white.

Now paint the letters word for word. The more forcefully you press down, the better the lettering stands out from the background.

And now your beautiful cutting board upcycling project is done.

Material overview

What you need

Additionally required:

Wooden cutting board, masking tape, if necessary: sharpener

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