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Noris junior - Colourful fun with window paintings

Noris junior - Colourful fun with window paintings

Colourful flowers, sunshine – bring the summer inside! Want to paint a beautiful field of flowers on the window? It’s child‘s play with Noris junior coloured pencils, which deliver outstanding coverage and vibrant colours not just on paper, but on glass as well. Window paintings will brighten up any room and give you an even more lovely view! They also make a great backdrop for children’s play. Noris juniors are a good chunky size, break-resistant and comfortable
to hold. So even young beginners can become great artists!

Step-by-step tutorial

To start with, draw the outline of your design onto the window: a sun, some flowers, clouds and a few blades of glass. Of course, you can add other elements to this – there are no limits on the imagination!

Now your young artists can colour in the shapes. It’s easiest for them to start with the bigger areas, such as the flower.

But Noris junior coloured pencils are great for creating smaller details as well as colouring larger areas.

Children can be as creative as they like colouring in the sun – waves, stripes, ribbons, curls etc. will all make the sun shine.

Window art will make any view even more lovely and also makes a great backdrop for home-made FIMO figures or other toys.

Tip: The painting can be easily removed with some window cleaner and a cloth. Just spray the cleaner onto the painting and wipe away with the cloth. So the windows can be re painted whenever and however you like. How about Father Christmas in winter? Or the Easter bunny in April?

Remove buddy coloured pencil from windows

Material overview

You will also need: window cleaner, cloth, toy figures (e.g. home-made from FIMO kids modelling clay)

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