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Japandi Look – DIY drawing in large format

Japandi Look – DIY drawing in large format
30 min Easy

Japandi: Japanese aesthetics combined with the cosy yet minimalist Scandinavian interior style. What the two styles have in common, among other things: Straightforwardness, functionality and quality.

This large-format canvas fits in perfectly: With its generous dimensions and geometric pattern, it not only brings more harmony into your living space, but is also reminiscent of the beautifully shaped gravel surfaces of Japanese Zen gardens, which make you feel calm just by looking at them. To create your canvas, you will need a Lumocolor permanent marker, which you can use to draw not-so-perfect lines, true to the Japanese wabi-sabi concept. The different line widths make the drawing even more lively, but do not lose any of their calming effect.


An article by Vera

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Step-by-step tutorial

Wrap the cord tightly around the front end of the pencil two to three times and tie it well. Push the string as far as possible towards the tip.

Make the geometric arc pattern with a large ruler or tape measure and mark the centre of your picture with the pencil (1st centre).

Continue the line vertically towards the centre of the canvas until you reach your largest desired arc. Then make markings for the individual arcs. We have chosen a distance of 4 cm and a maximum radius of 32 cm for this purpose and have therefore set a marking on the centre line at 32, 28, 24, 20, 16, 12 and 8 cm.

To draw the arcs, attach the drawing pin to the 1st centrepoint of the canvas. The pencil should be attached to the pin using the string. Make sure the string is the same length as the first mark on your centreline. Now draw a semicircle up to the edge of the canvas and repeat for the other six markings. Do the same for the bigger arcs and attach the pencil string to the centre of the canvas.

After marking the semicircles, continue the lines to the edge of the canvas using a geo-triangle or ruler.

Using the Lumocolor permanent marker with a thick tip, now draw over all the penciled arcs two or three times. For an imperfect Wabi Sabi look, draw the lines loosely with a light, uneven waveform. Fill in any gaps with the Lumocolor permanent marker. Your minimalistic-modern look in the Japandi look is ready!

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
Lumocolor® permanent marker 352 Permanent marker with bullet tip - Single product black 352-9 1
Mars® plastic 526 50 Eraser in premium quality - Single product, size: 65 x 23 x 13 mm 526 50 1

Additionally required:

1x canvas (e.g. 100 x 120 cm), 1x cord and drawing pen (compasses are sufficient for smaller canvases), 1x large geo-triangle and/or tape measure

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