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Handicraft idea for kids - flip book

Handicraft idea for kids - flip book
45 min Medium

Flip books are an essential part of every childhood. Multiple images are flipped through one after the other in quick succession. The effect is fascinating, as is the underwater world with its impressive creatures and colours. A flip book with a rainbow fish? Just the thing.


An article by Maiken

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Material overview

What you need

Additionally required:

2x clothes pegs, 1x piece of cardboard, 1x flip book template

Template flip book

Step-by-step tutorial

Grab the Noris colour jumbo and draw out the template 3x on each DIN A4 sheet of paper. Now cut out the template so that you have 24 equally sized rectangles with one fish on each.

Template flip book

Now comes the colourful part. Colour in the fish with the shades of your choice and don't forget to draw small air bubbles. Take inspiration from the rainbow to colour in your fish - changing the sequence of the tones will create a great effect.

To create the fantastic effect of a flip book, place a fresh blank sheet of paper over the coloured-in one. Do not align the position of the air bubbles one-to-one, but move them a little further down. Repeat until all the sheets are filled with air bubbles.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that you always put the sheet of paper that you paint next on top so that the air bubbles find their way up.

Cut out a sturdy piece of cardboard the same size as the rectangles to give the flip book some stability.

Place it behind the stacked sheets and fix everything together with two clothes pegs. And then you have your own rainbow-toned flip book. Cool, right?

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