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Hand Lettering x Watercolour DIY card

Hand Lettering x Watercolour DIY card
Katja Haas

An article by Katja Haas

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Step-by-step tutorial

Use your pencil and something round (like a bowl) to draw guide lines in the shape of an eye. The lines serve to shape the lettering and the whole layout.

Use the tip of the gray Watercolour Brush Pen to write the word ‘nature’ in the center of your piece of paper.

Gradually add the different colors using the Watercolour Brush Pens, tracing over the light gray writing and then using the water brush to blend the colors together.

Take some clear plastic and use the Watercolour Brush Pens to to draw a couple of splodges. You can go a little closer to the edges than the curved guide line you drew earlier. You can then use the water brush to drip a couple water droplets onto the plastic and spread the liquid around.

Then, turn the clear plastic around and press the colored side onto your damp piece of paper. Use your fingers to distribute the paint a little.

Tip: The paint may run off the edge of the paper, so make sure to cover your work surface.

Once the paint is well distributed, carefully remove the plastic. I’d recommend wiping the plastic with a cloth straight away to avoid any unwanted staining.

Use the Watercolour Brush Pens to add a little pigment to a smooth surface (e.g. a ceramic bowl or clear plastic) and absorb it using the water brush. Use a little pigment with a lot of water to paint a couple of trees in the background while the paint is still wet. This will create a harmonious transition with the light trees. These trees don’t have to be painted precisely - a loose watercolor style will give your project a lovely artistic touch.

Once you’re satisfied with the results, you can remove any excess paint with a tissue. Simply place the tissue onto the damp surface and gently pat down. This will create patches to generate a landscape-like character.

Next, use the pigment liner 0.3 to add ‘BEING SURROUNDED’ and ‘BY’.

Then use the metallic marker to write ‘I love’ at the top in a brush lettering style. Add some black shading lines to your metallic lettering and draw dotted shading on the thick upward lines. This will make the words seem more three-dimensional.

Now use the light blue Watercolour Brush Pen to apply pigment in a bowl or onto clear plastic and absorb the pigment with the water brush. You can use it to paint the sky to the left and right of the lettering. Dab a scrunched-up tissue onto the wet paint to create a cloudy effect.

Use the thin tip of the Watercolour Brush Pen to draw a few trees in the foreground. For orientation, use the colors of the background and colored edges, which can be used as landscape features (abstract hills, mountains, meadows, rivers, lakes). Your imagination is the only limit.

You’re nearly done. Use the pigment liner to add shading lines to ‘nature’. ‘BEING SURROUNDED’ should also be framed by lines at the top and bottom, and you can go ahead and add some birds in the sky. A little heart drawn on your paper using the flexible felt tip of the Metallic Marker will finish your project up nicely.

Have fun with your project!

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
STAEDTLER® Mixed Set #6 Handlettering x Watercolour Set - Cardboard box containing 6 double-ended watercolour brush pens in assorted colours, 1 pigment liner, 1 metallic brush pen, 1 watercolour drawing pencil, 1 water brush and 1 eraser 61 3001-2 1

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