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Drawing abstract plants in line art style

Drawing abstract plants in line art style

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Material overview

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Step-by-step tutorial

Firstly, sketch the form of the plant with a pencil.

Tip: You can erase the finished sketch carefully so that the lines don´t shine through afterwards. Don’t press too hard so that the motif is still visible.

Now you place the first coloured areas with the brush pen. Start with the lightest shade. With that you avoid that the colours mix and unwanted gradients develop.

After that follow the lines you sketched at the beginning with your pigments arts outline pen.

Give your picture the final touch and complete the motif with more colored areas. For the special abstract-look combine big geometric shapes with smaller elements like dots. Your first botanical art is ready!

Sketch the next plant motif again with the pencil. After that colour in the geometric colour areas. At first use the lighter colors and the dark colors afterwards.

Trace the contours of your preliminary drawing with the outline pen and add more details like drops or wavy lines.

Tip: Less is more – your picture will be most dynamic when you only imply shapes instead of drawing all lines until the end.

After you finished sketching the third motive place the colour areas. It’s best if you use the lighter colours first again.

Now you trace the contour lines of the plant with your pigment arts outline pen. Be careful that there is a small distance between the contour and the colour areas in the background. Like that an interesting 3D-effect is created. At last, complete your work with different sized points or circles. Voilà – your plant artworks are ready to be placed in your urban jungle.

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