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DIY mindfulness postcards for kids

DIY mindfulness postcards for kids

The greatest happiness is to find inner peace!
Pressure at school, lack of concentration, inner restlessness or physical tension, already in childhood you get to know these little problems. When coloring these creative mindfulness postcards you can give free rein to your creativity and escape from everyday stress!

Coloring is not only fun, but also promotes concentration and creates inner peace. Not only are these designs fun to color, but they double as postcards and can be sent directly to someone you love! So what are you waiting for? - Grab your pens and let‘s go!

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Step-by-step tutorial

First print out the motif template and choose the Noris colour pencils in your favourite colours.

Template 1

Template 2

Now you can start painting! Colour the card motif, according to your ideas, in bright colours or colours that match the themes.

Be creative and use many different colours or draw patterns or hatchings in the motifs.

When you are done colouring, you can carefully fold your card once in the middle.

This way you can easily create your own folded postcard. Write a few words of love in the inner, empty pages of your greeting card.

You‘re done and your mindfulness postcard can be send on its way to a person who is important to you.

Material overview

What you need

Additionally required:

Scissors, Sharpener

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