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Marsclay Medium

The industry standard in clay modelling for the automotive industry and more

Product information

  • Industry standard since 1985
  • Most sold clay for automotive design worldwide
  • Odourless
  • Easy Repair (warm clay on cold model)
  • Stable edged
  • Very good tape adhesion
  • Stable presentation
  • Unique bar shape (enables rapid and uniform warming)
  • ACMI- seal
  • NON-TOXIC certificate
  • Shape: twin-bar (round)
  • Diamater of bar: approx. 60 mm
  • Individually wrapped in foil
  • Minimum order quantity: 216 twin-bars (1 palett)

Technical Data Sheet Marsclay Medium (.pdf)

Safety Instruction (.pdf)

Item number: 8432MC

Twin-bar:Weight = 2.3 kg
Volume = ca. 1,5 cd3
Box:9 pieces in the box
Weight = 21.19 kg

24 boxes on the pallet (216 twin-bars)
Weight = 521.56 kg
Volume = 0.659 m³

The pallets can not be stacked in lorries during transport.