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Getting started on Clay:
Five practice workshops to download

If you want to become a top modeller, you need to practise, practise, practise. And because practise goes best with instruction, here are five workshops to download: from practising basic modelling techniques for beginners, right down to designing a half-sided Bobby Car for advanced modellers. Practise is done alone or in a group. And always step by methodical step.

Workshop 1

Practising the most important drilling, grinding, cut-ting and countersinking techniques in the modelling workshop. Beginners and modellers with initial clay experience will learn the most important machines and modelling techni-ques in this workshop.

Download Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Modelling a body (45° surface rotation) using straight blades. Because this beginner workshop is (almost) all about work-ing with blades, the understanding of surface also plays a big role.

Download Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Designing and modelling a perfume bottle. What should my perfume bottle look like and which model-ling techniques and tools do I use to implement my design? A beginner's workshop suitable for large groups.

Download Workshop 3

Workshop 4

Modelling a free form with concave-convex twist(torsion) Freely interpret a shape template and practise the most im-portant clay tools and surface techniques while transform-ing it – an advanced workshop.

Download Workshop 4

Workshop 5

Modelling a half-sided Bobby Car In this workshop, advanced students will go through an entire modelling process: from building the substructure, right down to the turpentine finish.

Download Workshop 5


From concept to perfect form. The art of clay modelling.

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