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Social Clay

This book provides you with a great deal of what (future) design modellers should know and practice when it comes to clay modelling. In addition to this, you can of course find tons of other clay info on the Internet or in social media... Here are a few examples from the global clay community.

If only for the links

Car Body Design provides its followers with news from the automotive design world. The community can be found on the Internet and on all social media channels. Very exciting: the many links to tutorials, educational institutions, publications etc. Practically a »must follow« for clay modellers and transportation design fans alike.

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Clay professionals at work

Up close and personal with the global clay professionals: claymobil allows its subscribers a glimpse behind the clay modelling scenes of the major car brands. On the photos and videos: finished clay models, clay professionals at work, concrete clay processing tips ...

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Across the clay process

A steadily growing number of subscribers count the Clay Modellers community on Instagram. They all get to see not only stunning car models on the portal. Often, they also get to watch the professional modellers at work. Across the entire clay process. Very hands-on.

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Direct from the design studios

According to its own statement, formtrends is the first portal for professional car designers and product designers. With now tens of thousands of subscribers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, tumblr etc. From Peugeot to Volvo to Ferrari: Here they all showcase their design studies and inform people about new design approaches ...

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Use search engines

Automotive manufacturers often self-publish info around their design and clay process on the inter-net. Just google it.

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From concept to perfect form. The art of clay modelling.

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Getting started on Clay — Workshops

If you want to become a top modeller, you need to practise, practise, practise.

Five practice workshops to download

Perfect illusion

Not only car modellers love clay.

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