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DIY wedding: Ideas and instructions for the most beautiful day of your life

DIY wedding: Ideas and instructions for the most beautiful day of your life

Will you... craft with me? Yes!

Planning a wedding takes lots of planning and organisation. When doing so, there is plenty you can make yourself: such as decorations, place cards and wedding favours. These are not only fun to make, but set the mood for the big day while crafting them and give your wedding a personal touch.
Plus: in many cases, you can even save money.

► Here you will find inspiration and step-by-step instructions for creating DIY wedding and crafting with FIMO. There are also a few original ideas for wedding guests. Now you can use your creativity to make your wedding a day to remember – even with a small number of guests!

Craft ideas for weddings – for brides, grooms, bridesmaids and guests

A DIY wedding means doing as much as possible for your big day yourself: from planning to execution. This gives you maximum freedom to make everything just the way you want. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t enlist your bridesmaids & co. – for example, by holding a craft party on an afternoon. Here you will find suggestions, inspiration and instructions for your DIY wedding.


Craft ideas for brides and grooms:

Craft ideas for wedding guests:

DIY wedding decorations: unique ideas for the most beautiful day of your life

Enough with impersonal, uninspiring decor: the atmosphere at your wedding should be as unique as your bond with your partner! Looking for ideas how you can make your own wedding decorations? Here are a few to start with:

why not greet your guests with a DIY wedding sign, which welcomes them to the party in ornate lettering?


When your guests take their seat at the table, they will find it beautifully decorated. As well as delightful flowers, the table is decked with unique lanterns and elegant vases that are guaranteed to attract admiring glances. 

Place cards and table numbers can also be crafted by hand.

Adorable mini bunting can be placed  along your candy bar to create an appetite for sweet treats – perfect fortification for dancing the night away.


If you like, you can also make your own ring holder for your wedding. And even hair ornaments for the bride can be crafted with FIMO – ideal as an alternative to real flowers in your hair!

Make your own wedding cards : Instructions with hand lettering and FIMO modelling clay

Unique, lovingly crafted stationary is absolutely indispensable for a DIY wedding. That’s why you will need your crafting skills as soon as you have decided on a date for the big day. Follow our instructions, incl. video, to make beautiful save the date cards: ideal for anyone who loves hand lettering!


Invitations are particularly beautiful and are bound to be kept in a prominent location by your guests, if designed with love. Hand lettering will make your cards truly eye-catching, while an elegant FIMO pendant adds the perfect finishing touch. Instructions on how to make your own wedding cards can be found here:

By the way: You can find helpful tips for beautiful writing in our Hand Lettering Guide. That way, you can create beautiful menus and drinks menus with nothing but coloured paper and a pen. You can also craft table numbers or garlands that way.

DIY wedding favours – thoughtful and personal

It goes without saying that you want to share this joyous occasion with your loved ones – and do something nice for them as a little thank you. Making your own wedding favours is a great option for a DIY wedding. They show your guests how much their attendance means to you.

How about beautiful homemade pendants as a little gift? As you will see in our creative tips, these are very easy to make and go with almost any kind of wedding favour: from a bottle of high-quality olive oil, to bath salts, or your own personal baking mix. The pendants can be heart-shaped to match the theme of the day, or stamped for a unique touch. Here are a few ideas for how you can make your own wedding favours:

Crafting or wrapping a wedding gift: inspiration for a unique gift

As a guest, you will want to help make the day as special as possible for the happy couple. As well as good company, a suitable gift is a must. Many couples make a wish list, or perhaps you already have a brilliant idea. Now it’s time to wrap the wedding gift – ideally as uniquely as possible! With our creative tips , it’s very simple.

A wedding is the beginning of the happy couple’s new life together. To celebrate their love, you can craft a very original wedding gift, for example by making your own jewellery. This expresses affection and will bring to mind happy memories of their DIY wedding day for many years to come.

A great way to celebrate this new beginning is with something new for the couple’s home – for example, with a piece of wall art, which nimble-fingered wedding guests can paint and draw themselves.

Many couples particularly like to receive money as a wedding gift. This generic gift can be made more unique by presenting it with plants in a homemade vase or flower pot.

Summary: Attention to detail makes your DIY wedding dreams come true

Many brides and grooms decide to make their own decorations, cards and favours for their wedding. This is much more than a creative way to stretch your budget! Creativity makes a big impact that both the wedding couple and their guests will love!

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