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Wonderful words: creative lettering ideas for you to try

Wonderful words: creative lettering ideas for you to try

If you enjoy writing in decorative and creative lettering, you shouldn't keep your penmanship hidden away in notebooks or pads. Decorative lettering allows true works of art to take shape on paper – and many other materials. With our creative ideas, you can get a feel for what is possible when designing your own quote art. Brighten up your home in no time at all with our lettering ideas. We provide you with creative inspiration and give step by step advice that will show you how easy it is to do it yourself.

Idea: If you haven't tried out hand lettering ideas before or are still a beginner, you can learn the basics in our detailed Hand Lettering Guide. With a little practice, anyone can get to grips with writing in beautiful and decorative lettering.

Sweet dreams for the little one: design a quote poster for a child's bedroom

Need a gift to mark the birth of a child? Or maybe you're planning to decorate your little treasure's room? How about a poster featuring some creative lettering? A cute motif adds the finishing touch to your work of art.

There are no limits to your creativity here – children like things to be colourful, after all. Of course, you can match the colours to the existing furnishings in your child's bedroom. The best thing: you don't need much for these lettering ideas. With pigment liner, water-soluble coloured pencils and a standard pencil you can complete this DIY project in no time at all. A child-friendly lettering style and a minimalist motif are more than enough.

Lettering poster tutorial

Turning your photo wall into a real eye-catcher

The snapshots from the last family gathering, your happiest holiday memories or those dreamy landscape photos have all earned a special place. A lovingly curated photo wall allows you to relive these magical moments time and again. We have a few lettering ideas that will help make sure your photos stand out: decorate a DIY poster by putting pen to paper with an appropriate hand-lettered legend. There are no limits to your creativity when using this lettering idea. Experiment with different scripts, colours and words until you are satisfied. When you are designing a quote poster, start off by writing out individual letters with a pencil. This way, small mistakes can be quickly corrected. Then, all you need to do is retrace your writing with a pigment liner – and before you know it, your artwork is finished.

For the best effect, choose a suitable frame to place your poster in among the photos on your wall. That way you'll create the perfect setting for your memories.

Lettering poster tutorial

Decorative lettering for your home bar: design your own quote poster

If you have a bar at home, you can add a personal touch with decorative hand lettering. With brush or pencil, you can design an individual poster and have the perfect quote on paper in no time at all. It's good to remember here that less is more.

Fill the poster with a striking lettering of your own – that's all there is to it. The artfully designed letters speak for themselves and come together to form a true masterpiece. Of course, a DIY poster like this isn't just a good fit for your home bar, you can put this lettering idea to great use in your kitchen or dining area too.

Lettering poster tutorial

The perfect place for your keys

Did I leave them on the table? Or have they slipped between the my magazines? Or maybe they're in my jacket pocket after all? Spending hours looking for your keys is tedious and wastes time that could have been put to better use; no more! We have a creative lettering idea that will put an end to those frantic searches for your keys before you leave the house.

Simply build a key rack out of wood and decorate it with handwritten letters. Yes, you read that right: hand lettering can also be done on wood without any problems. All you need is a permanent marker. These lettering ideas on wood are not only eye-catching, they are really practical too.

DIY key rack tutorial

Turn an old chopping board into a decorative highlight

If you happen to have an old chopping board laying around, you can put it to good use in your next DIY lettering project. With the right quote, you can transform it into an enchanting decorative element, which would be right at home next to, say, your coffee machine. Simply apply the lettering to the material with a dry marker.

If you're trying hand lettering on wood for the first time, you should practice a little first – perhaps on a spare piece of wood – before committing your final design to the chopping board. This is because small mistakes are more tricky to correct on wood than on paper.

Chopping board upcycling tutorial

Decorate your dining table with DIY hand lettering

Whether for Christmas, a birthday or wedding – many like to give the occasion an even more festive feel by decorating the table. Candles at the dinner table help create a special atmosphere. Plain glass lanterns can be easily and wonderfully decorated with our lettering ideas.

Simply trim a lace doily down to the right size, decorate with your handwritten lettering and attach it to the glass. If you like, you can write a quote to suit the occasion or the menu on the doily. If you are struggling to come up with your own lettering ideas, why not use a template? In no time at all, you can create a stylish atmosphere for your festive table.

Lantern with hand lettering

FIMO lettering: a slightly different take on hand lettering

Sweeping letters don't need to be written in pen to draw people's attention – FIMO modelling clay is also great for bringing your lettering ideas to life. You can either attach this lettering as a decorative element to your shelf, drawers or wall, or you could even wear it round your neck. With the help of some eye pins and a chain you could turn FIMO letters into a statement necklace.

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