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Wooden wedding signs

DIY - Wooden wedding signs
25 min Easy

We welcome in the happiest day of your life!
To make it an unforgettable day for you and your guests, why not give it a personalised, customised feel – it’s easier than you might think! For instance with lovingly designed signs to welcome your wedding party. They’ll bring joy to your wedding preparations as well as your guests. To really put your own personal mark on your wedding, you can also create pretty direction markers, place name cards, menus, invitations, thank you cards and much more, all in the same design! The designs look especially lovely on wood and are ideal for a wedding on the countryside.


An article by Vera

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Step-by-step tutorial

Place the printed lettering templates in the desired position on the wooden board and fix them in place with sticky tape.

Trace / go over the outline of the lettering firmly with the ballpoint pen, so as to create an impression of it on the wood.

Remove the lettering template and trace over the faint imprint of the lines on the wood using the Lumocolor permanent duo F, until you have traced all the outlines of the lettering onto the wood.

Now fill in all the empty spaces with the Lumocolor permanent marker. Colour in the larger areas with the thick bullet tipped marker and the thinner outlines with the Lumocolor permanent duo M.

Finally attach two stick on picture hangers to the back, thread a sturdy cord or string through the loops and tie firmly.


You can be very creative and make all sort of different signs: The wooden plaques make decorative direction markers, photo booth accessories or even place cards.

You’ll find a range of templates here:

Download templates

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Material overview

Material for wooden wedding signs

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
Lumocolor® permanent duo 348 Double ended permanent marker with two bullet tips - Single product black 348-9 1
Lumocolor® permanent marker 352 Permanent marker with bullet tip - Single product black 352-9 1

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