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Starting a studygram

What is studygram - Studygram overview

What is Studygram, anyway?

Studygram is a community where students help each other. We students share our routines through stories, showing both the highs and the lows. We share our study tricks, give organizational tips, and provide motivation. It is much more than just several students, rather, we are super heroes together, because when one feels down we come together and remind each other that it is possible to achieve our dreams and goals. Something we have in common is our love for stationery! We motivate each other by sharing a sea of beautiful notes. In short, Studygram is a world where students raise each other up in different ways. The studygram is also a way for us to help people improve their grades at school because we share study techniques. We try make them as fun as possible by adding really nice letterings and doodles.

Luana Carolina

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Studygram - how to

When we talk about pens, every studygramer gets excited. Yes, we are addicted to stationery! What most people do not know is that we can use a type of pen in various ways. Releasing your creativity in this way helps you discover the endless possibilities and that’s the best part of all!

Here are some tips on how to use some of STAEDTLER's wonderful pens:

Favourite pens for studygram

Pens for studygram:

STAEDTLER 3001 Double-ended watercolour brush pens

The double-ended watercolour brush pens (available in 36 colours) can be used for both lettering and for painting because of its versatility. More than just a pen, the 0.5 – 0.8mm tip of the double ended watercolour brush pens is great for intricate doodles. The 1.0 - 6.0 mm brush tip is perfect for creating eye-catching titles and watercolour drawings. An essential for any pencil case.

The textsurfer classic in pastel & vintage colours are to die for! They are ideal for marking text and colouring larger areas. Not only can they be used to highlight and underline important parts of your notes, but the 1-5mm wedge tip also makes it perfectly suited to creating beautiful handletterings.

With the pastel & vintage colours you can hide or light till your hearts content.

STAEDTLER Textsurfer classic pastel
STAEDTLER triplus textsurfer

The triplus textsurfer in pastel & vintage colours are my favourites. I use them for fake brush letting, underlining, fine to broad highlighting and drawing! They are available in 10 different colours with a brush tip size of 1 –4 mm.

The triplus fineliners are totally my favorites for writing larger passages! It has a ergonomic triangular shape which is great for relaxed and easy writing. It’s also DRY SAFE! Even when I leave it uncapped for days it doesn’t dry out. There is also a huge range of colors available- 48 colours in total.

STAEDTLER triplus fineliner
STAEDTLER black highlighter

The black textsurfer classic is absolutely amazing! The black highlighter covers up text and lines however they still remain legible- the perfect Hidelighter! After photocopying the hidden part of the text becomes illegible. Say goodbye to ink seeping through your paper.

Studygram - Doodles

Studygramers usually share tips such as: do not forget to eat well or have a cup of coffee before going to class. We also use doodles to draw more attention to our posts!

Doodles are important because they draw a lot of attention to your annotation, they are really eye-catching! And the cool thing is that they are not complex or super difficult drawings, anyone can do them! The best way to use them for sure is to find the key word in your text and turn it into a drawing. You can place the drawing in the middle of the text, pull an arrow between the drawing and the text, but you can also do it in the corner of your notes.

Studygram doodle
Studygram paper doodle

They are easy and make all the difference so here is a super simple tutorial that anyone can try to start decorating their notes!

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