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Paint Your Own Flowerpots

Paint Your Own Flowerpots

Fantastic vibrant flowerpots
Now it's getting colourful! Self-designed, colourful flowerpots create a beautiful contrast to the brown earth that's put in them. Three different design options provide variety and ensure fun and creative painting.

With your fingers and paint

Painting with finger paints

The idea is create your design using only your fingertips and nothing else. However, a bit care is necessary if you want to achieve a good result. The kids should rinse their painting fingers with water or clean them with a damp cloth every time they use a different colour. Otherwise, all their fingerprints will gradually blend into an unappealing mix.

Zigzag - dots - strokes

Creating patterns with gel crayons

With gel pens, colouring is fun, easy and very colourful. Thanks to their extremely smooth consistency, even the littlest ones can create beautiful flower pots. Simple patterns with zigzags, lines, dots and circles transform the flower pots into colourful works of art.

The art of beautiful drops

Drip painting

Drip painting is more challenging and therefore more suitable for older children. Dilute school paints or finger paints with a bit of water and use a pipette to drip and squirt them onto the pot. The more watery the paint, the bigger and more uncontrolled the drops and splashes. This technique requires patience, a bit of discipline and a lot of practice!

What you need

Additionally required:

  • Finger paints
  • Gel crayons
  • School paints
  • flower pots

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