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FIMO kids - Funny Papers

FIMO kids - Funny Papers

Cut off 3 White FIMO portions. Press the FIMO to flatten it, use a rolling pin to make the longer.

Lift the ends and stretch out the strip to aprox 2cm x 22cm. Trim along sides and ends if necessary.

Shape ½ a portion of Brown FIMO into a 3cm sausage. Flatten the ends then position it at one end of the strip.

Roll up the strip. Trim off the end if it looks too long or uneven.

Cut off 2 Brown FIMO portions. Roll into a ball then shape into a 10cm sausage shape, making one end thinner.

Coil the FIMO with the thicker end at the base.

Shape small noses and press onto both pieces. Use a cocktail stick to make holes for eyes and a curved strip of card to make mouths.

Harden FIMO in a pre-heated oven at 110° C / 230° F for 30 minutes. Cool before handling.

What you need

Additionally required:

smooth working surface (glass or ceramic), modelling tool, cocktail stick, small strip of card

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