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FIMO kids - Easter eggs

FIMO kids - Easter eggs

Bright and colourful Easter decorations for a Happy Easter. These Easter eggs are just the thing for anyone wanting to craft with children around Easter.
It‘s so incredibly easy with STAEDTLER’s new extra-soft FIMO kids modelling clay. And while decorating the flat FIMO kids Easter eggs, children get to learn some of the basics of creative design at the same time, such as how to emboss modelling clay.

Step-by-step tutorial

To make one egg, use your hands to roll half a block of FIMO kids modelling clay to a thick ball and then shape to a thick egg. Cut out a piece of baking paper.

Now place the thick egg on the paper and flatten it slightly with your hand. Then use the roller from the FIMO kids work&play tool set (8700 31) to roll the modelling clay out to an approx. 2 mm thick sheet.

Roll lengthwise until you are left with a flat egg shape. If you roll crosswise, you will make the egg wider.

If the edge of the egg is uneven somewhere, press the modelling clay into shape with the flat modelling stick.

For a striped pattern, press half a block of a differentcoloured FIMO kids modelling clay flat on a piece of baking paper with your hand and then use the roller to roll it out to an approx. 1-2 mm thick sheet.

Use the blue cutting tool to cut narrow or wide strips out of the clay and position these on the FIMO kids egg. Press on carefully with your finger. Alternatively, you can use your hands to roll a small piece of FIMO kids modelling clay to a uniformly thick ‚sausage‘.

Shape the ‚sausage‘ into a wavy pattern or heart, place it onto the FIMO® kids egg and press on carefully.

Cut off any excess ‚sausage‘ or stripe ends along the edge of the egg.

These polka-dot patterned Easter eggs look nice too. To make one dot, roll a tiny piece of FIMO kids modelling clay in the colour of your choice to a small ball.

Place the ball on the FIMO kids egg and use your finger to press it flat. If the balls are different sized, the polkadots will be different in size too.

Cut off any excess dots along the edge of the egg with the blue cutting tool. Alternatively, you could use different flat bits of FIMO kids modelling clay instead of rolled balls to create a patched look.

Wavy or zigzag lines are easy to indent using the zigzag cutting tool from the FIMO® kids work&play cutting tool set (8700 34). Simply press the wavy or zigzag edge of the cutting tool into the FIMO kids egg.

Carefully remove the cutting tool – the zigzag or wavy pattern is now visible on the egg.

Pretty flower patterns are quick and easy to emboss using the FIMO kids work&play motif roller ‘Stars and Flowers’ (8700 35). Moisten the flower motif roller with a little water.

Then use the roller to roll lengthwise or crosswise over the FIMO kids egg in two or three parallel lines until the clay is covered in flowers.

You can create all kinds of brightly coloured Easter egg pattern mixes by using a combination of the creative techniques from steps 2 to 5.

In the case of embossed patterns, always indent your FIMO kids egg first using the green cutting tool (zigzag/ wavy pattern) or motif roller (flower pattern) before going on to decorate it with stripes, ‚sausages‘ and/or polka-dots.

Use a wooden stick to make a hole in the top of the FIMO kids egg for hanging it up later. Then, leaving the egg on the baking paper, harden in the pre-heated oven for approx. 30 min at 110°C.

Allow to cool, remove the baking paper and varnish the FIMO kids egg. Once the varnish has dried, thread a piece of ribbon through the hole in the top and hang the Easter egg up.

Tip: Funny eggheads

What lovely FIMO kids Easter eggs! Whether with stripes, polka-dots, flowers, hearts, zigzags, waves or squiggles, each and every egg is an eye-catcher in its own right. You can use left-over bits of FIMO kids modelling clay to create hilarious eggheads. All you have to do is press a thick lump of modelling clay onto the FIMO kids egg for the nose and two small balls for the eyes.

Use black FIMO kids modelling clay (8030-9) for the pupils. Use a thin ‚sausage‘ for the smiling mouth and a number of other thin ‚sausages‘ for the hair. Shape the ‚sausages‘ however you like to create different curly or wavy hairstyles. What kind of hairstyle has your mum, dad or granny got? Why not make funny egghead models of your entire family and then hang them all up together on an Easter branch?

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
FIMO® kids 8032 Oven-bake modelling clay - Colour Pack "Basic", 6 blocks à 42 g 8032 01 1
FIMO® kids 8032 Oven-bake modelling clay - Colour Pack "Fancy", 6 blocks à 42 g 8032 02 1
FIMO® 8704 Gloss varnish - Blistercard containing 1 jar of gloss varnish, 35 ml 8704 01 BK 1

Additionally required:

Baking paper, Scissors, Water container, Baking tray, Wooden stick (e.g. skewer), Brush, Ribbons

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