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FIMO kids - Butterflies

FIMO kids - Butterflies

These pretty and colourful butterflies made using extra-soft FIMO kids modelling clay are easy and quick for children to create:
Roll out the modelling clay using the child-friendly tools , emboss with floral patterns and cut out the butterflies with a cutter.

The additional decorative colour effects are painted on with acrylic paint and wiped off. Learning the applied creative techniques is great fun for children and as an “added extra” also helps develop the child's motor skills.

To create a butterfly, roll a block of FIMO kids modelling clay in the colour you want into a thick ball in your hands.

Place the FIMO kids ball on a piece of baking paper and press it slightly flatter with your hands.

Then roll the modelling clay with the roller from the FIMO kids work&play set (8700 31) into a 2 mm thick flat sheet.

Next emboss a flower patter using the FIMO kids work&play “stars and flowers” motif roller (8700 35). Moisten the drum of the “flower” motif roller with a bit of water.

Then role the roller two or three times (with each strip next to the previous strip) along or across the sheet of FIMO kids modelling clay. As if by magic, you can now see the flower patterns in the FIMO kids clay.

If you want a particular flower to be visible at a particular place on the modelling clay, press the roller with the desired flower down onto the clay, do not roll it.

Press the cutter firmly into the FIMO kids modelling clay. First remove the modelling clay protruding out of the cutter, then carefully remove the cutter.

Harden the shapes (on the baking paper) for 30 minutes in an oven preheated to 110°C.

Let them cool down and remove the baking paper.

Now you can paint the butterflies with acrylic paint. Apply the colour you want generously and undiluted to the butterfly.

Wipe off any paint that is still liquid with a damp cloth. This automatically only removes the paint on the top parts of the motifs on the butterfly.

The paint in the deeper motif areas, i.e. the embossed flower pattern, is left on. Leave the butterflies to dry and varnish them.

Attach the finished butterflies to the background you want using double-sided adhesive tape. The pretty butterflies like to flutter in the window, or on a wall, vase, mirror or shelf.

Tip: Butterfly mobile

Colourful butterflies dancing in the wind. The pretty butterflies move by themselves if they are attached to a mobile with nylon threads or a thin satin ribbon.

Tip: Decorative stake

The butterflies make a great decorative stake for flower pots and bouquets. Simply attach a piece of wire to the back of the butterfly with coloured adhesive tape. A nice gift idea for any occasion.

Overview of materials

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
FIMO® kids 8032 Oven-bake modelling clay - Colour Pack "Basic", 6 blocks à 42 g 8032 01 1
FIMO® kids 8032 Oven-bake modelling clay - Colour Pack "Fancy", 6 blocks à 42 g 8032 02 1

Additionally required:

Butterfly cutters, baking paper, scissors, water jar, dishcloth, baking tray, water jar, acrylic paints (in rose, pink, red, orange, light blue, light green or other colours), brush, adhesive tape (transparent, double-sided)

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