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Drawing moonshine with watercolour pencils

Drawing moonshine with watercolour pencils
30 min Easy

The sun is almost on the rise, but the moon is still visible in this peaceful mountain scenery. Imagine wandering through the hills and breathing in the fresh morning air: the dream come true for every calm-loving nature fan. This inspiring drawing takes you right there.


An article by Taylor

Step-by-step tutorial

Using your graphite pencils, sketch out where your moon and forest filled mountain silhouettes will be on the page.

Using your watercolor pencils, shade in a rainbow gradient onto the paper but leave a circle spot for your moon, this will be your sky.

Blend out this rainbow gradient using your water brush.

Use your light and dark blue watercolor pencils to add in moon details, then blend it out once more with your water brush.

Using a black watercolor pencil, draw in the three forest filled mountain silhouettes. Start with a lighter shade of black for the first mountain, then go darker with each consecutive mountain. This will give the appearance of distance between peaks. Once more, blend the watercolor pencil out with your water brush.

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
STAEDTLER® 146 10C Watercolour pencil - Cardboard box containing 3 watercolour graphite pencils in assorted degrees, 12 watercolour pencils in assorted colours, 1 water brush, 1 eraser and 1 metal sharpener 61 14610C 1

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