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STAEDTLER refill stations - simple and easy to use

STAEDTLER refill stations - simple and easy to use

Our STAEDTLER refill stations have been around forever but over the years they have become much more relevant as we look to reduce the amount of plastic that goes to landfill. More refill stations have been added to the range, so now you can use your Lumocolor markers, marker pens and Textsurfer highlighters over and over again* saving the environment and your pocket!

How to refill markers with the STAEDTLER refill stations

Diverse range across colours and products

We have refill pots that can be used across selected whiteboard, permanent, non-permanent markers and marker pens and our highlighter range and across various colours. For example, you can refill black, blue, red and green markers and marker pens, while there are 5 colours in our highlighters yellow, pink, orange, blue and green.

Simple to use with no mess

It shouldn’t be complicated to refill your product and with the STAEDTLER refill stations it isn’t. Simply remove the cap from the marker and the lid from the refill station, insert the marker nib down into the pot until you feel it click in place and leave and walk away. The unique refill technology means the marker can never be overfilled, in fact once fully filled the system automatically stops. You could leave it refilling overnight so when you get in the next morning you can be confident you’ll be ready for your day ahead. Check out our video here.

Made in Germany

Our refill stations and products are fully developed and manufactured in Germany, which ensures the high product quality of the range.

Environmentally friendly longevity

Innovative technologies, such as DRY-SAFE technology, ensure that you can rely on the Lumocolor markers and marker pens for a long time. This also protects the environment because, if it lasts longer, it doesn't need replacing as fast, resulting in lower consumption of materials and fewer CO2 emissions.

Refill stations


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*Markers, highlighters, and marker pens can be refilled up to 10 times, dependant on the condition of the nib.

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