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Technical drawing instruments

Technical drawing instruments

Technical drawings are indispensable in many industries, such as:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Construction
  • Architecture
  • Technical engineering
  • Vocational training

They are necessary for preparing highly precise plans, sectional views, perspectives and projections of objects.

In the wake of increasing digitalisation, technical drawing has to some extent been taken over by CAD systems. These are special software programs that can be used to design 3D models and animations directly on the computer. Nevertheless, every draftsman needs to first learn the basic principles of this specialist field by hand. Even today, high-quality technical drawing equipment is essential for professional applications.

What draftsmen need to be able to do

If a component is being designed for manufacture, it first needs to be represented in a drawing. This is where draftsmen come in. Their task is to convey all the information about the object graphically on paper. To portray this as precisely as possible in the drawing, they usually need to prepare multiple sectional views of the component to show it from different perspectives. In order to depict these concealed geometrics, draftsmen require suitable materials that optimally meet all of these requirements.

Technical drawing supplies for precise results

Draftsmen typically transfer their designs to DIN A3 or DIN A4 paper format. The paper is usually secured in place using drawing boards. These are special scaled boards with integrated rulers and protractors to optimally support the precise drawing of parallel lines and geometric shapes.

Our STAEDTLER drawing boards in DIN A3 and DIN A4 format make it significantly easier for draftsmen to create sketches and profiles. To this end, these individually adjustable products are first equipped with sheet clamping strips on both sides of the board to securely fasten the drawing paper in place. Our drawing boards also feature a parallel drafting arm with double-sided scale as well as a scale with needle hole for precise compass radius setting. Available as an accessory for our drawing boards, a drafting head ensures precise setting of angles and straight lines.

In addition, templates for lettering, shapes and symbols are commonly used in the field of technical drawing to cleanly add dimensions and labels to drawings. The items available in our product range feature predefined cut-out letters, numbers and special characters that conform to lettering standards.

Why are technical pens used for technical drawings?

A technical pen is generally used to create technical drawings. Whether in architecture or construction, when it comes to technical drawing people in many fields rely on professional technical pens. These pens have a thin metal tube that ensures the steady flow of drawing ink to the paper, resulting in a consistent line width. As technical writing pens produce extremely accurate lines, draftsmen are guaranteed to achieve precise results when creating graphic designs.

The adjustment of line widths always follows a factor of 1.4 with respect to the paper format. For example: if an initial line width of 0.5 mm is enlarged from A4 format to A3, the line width will be 0.7 mm, whereas for reduction to A5 format the line width will be 0.35 mm.

Additional drawing materials for school, professional use and hobbies

Our product range also includes Plexiglas, aluminium and plastic rulers in a variety of lengths. STAEDTLER also offers sturdy set squares made of transparent, break-resistant plastic in a variety of sizes. These will help you accomplish the following tasks:

  • Draw straight lines
  • Measure short distances
  • Measure angles
  • Scale lengths

These items are therefore not just ideal for technical drawing, but also for use in geometry class at school and by all amateur drawing enthusiasts.