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Marble-look earrings made from FIMO

Marble-look earrings made from FIMO
20 min Easy

From ancient times directly to your ear!
Marble has a very special appeal, it stands for high quality and exclusive design. The typical, popular marbling has been known around the world since ancient times. Temples, statues, kitchens or floors – this design is familiar from all kinds of creations. So why not use it as a trendy jewellery design? Whether as an individual daily basic or for special occasions, these FIMO earrings in marble design add a tasteful touch to any look! Marble is precious and unique – just like you! You know what to do. Get to work – create your own individual magnificent FIMO pieces!


An article by Karina

Step-by-step tutorial

The first step requires two strips of each of the two different coloured FIMO blocks, here FIMO soft morning breeze and FIMO soft blueberry shake.

Take the FIMO strips and cut them with the cutter to create several small individual parts. Mix the pieces together and try to press them together.

Tip: If you want to intensify the marble effect, feel free to mix some FIMO soft in white with your two colors.

Now you can add some sheet metal to the mixture and knead everything thoroughly according to your design. Squeeze the mixture and shape it into a cuboid (rectangular shape). Use the cutter or a sharp knife to cut the FIMO mass into equally thick slices.

Place the cut discs flat against each other and press them gently. Roll the mixture with the acrylic roller to form a sheet approx. 4 mm thick and make sure that the seams merge with each other.

Now place baking paper underneath and punch out the earring shapes with the cookie cutters. First start with the larger mould so that the small cookie cutter can then be positioned well in the middle and cut out.

Remove any excess FIMO. Then use a needle to create the holes for the jump rings. Now harden all parts flat on baking paper in the oven at 110°C / 230° F top and bottom heat for 30 minutes.

Let everything cool down well and attach the ear hooks to the earrings using jump rings and jewellery tongs. Done!

Feel free to try these earrings in any other colour! Have fun crafting and wearing your creations!

Material overview

What you need

Additionally required:

Jewellery tongs, 2x ear hooks , 2 x small jump rings, Baking paper, Shape cutter of your choice (shape of earrings) - 1x large, 1x small (same shape)

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