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How to Draw a Mandala

60 min Medium

„Your creativity has to come naturally. From my personal experience, it comes easier when you feel you are mastering and enjoying what you do.“

Sine Hagestad

An article by Sine Hagestad

Step-by-step instructions

Draw the help lines first. Divide sections of the mandala into equal pieces with your protractor and line them up with ruler and pencil. Place your geometric compass in the centre, and draw circles in different sizes.

Take your pencil and draw the base lines of the pattern. I recommend a smudge-resistant H lead pencil, for instance STAEDTLER Mars Lumograph 2H or 3H. Use your help lines strategically to get the pattern symmetrical.

Use your pigment liner and draw over the base lines you just created. Choose the thickness of the pigment liner based on how detailed your creation is, or for example how you are going colour it. I have used wide pen tips (0.7, 0.5 and 0.3mm) because my pattern is relatively simple and it makes it easy to colour inside the shapes with coloured pencils.

Add more details if you want to! Fill white spots with black ink or draw geometric figures like circles, triangles, spirals or flowers etc. to make your mandala unique and personal.

Colour your mandala with your favourite colours or a pretty colour combination. Select your mix of colours wisely. Done!

Download Mandala

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Material overview

You need the following STAEDTLER products:

Mars® 562 04 FMars® 562 04 FPlexiglas® - rulerSingle product length 30 cm
Mars® Lumograph® 100Mars® Lumograph® 100Drawing pencilSingle product HB

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