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DIY Boho painting: Create your own abstract art

DIY Boho painting: Create your own abstract art

Unconventional, individualistic, aesthetic, natural – this is what summarises the characteristics of the Boho style. For some time now, this style has enjoyed increasing popularity in terms of decoration, furnishing and living.
In this tutorial we’ll first give you an overview what the Boho style is all about, where it comes from and also a DIY instruction on how you can paint your own Boho pictures and integrate them into your home.

What is Boho and what characterises the style?

The term "Boho" is derived from the French word "Bohème", which originally referred to the Roma people originating from Bohemia. Then, in the mid-19th century, a cultural countermovement of poets, literary figures and artists developed into a new, free way of life. The "new bohemia" emerged in Paris and has since symbolised the following aspects:

  • Free lifestyle
  • Romanticism
  • Individuality
  • Aesthetics
  • Intellect
  • Creativity

In the 60s and 70s of the last century, the Boho style was newly coined and modernised by the hippies. With their ideals of world peace, freedom, and love, they leaned on the basic ideas of the original bohemians.

These days, boho style is associated above all with artistic aesthetics, which can be found in paintings, decoration, and furnishings. In reference to the expression of boundless creativity, the Boho style creates a very special atmosphere in the respective rooms.

DIY Boho style drawing
DIY Boho style painting
DIY Boho style drawing

DIY Boho painting: Which colours and motifs are used?

If you want to paint your own Boho pictures, what should you look out for? Boho paint style is informal, down-to-earth and creative. Earthy colours like khaki, beige, brown and olive are often used for decoration and furnishings. You can also use these for your pictures. But more striking colours also stand for the Boho style. These include:

  • Sunflower yellow
  • Bordeaux red
  • Violet
  • Turquoise blue

The motifs of Boho art are kept simple, but the interplay of bright or earthy colours and simple or abstract shapes still make the images interesting.
Styled in an eclectic mix with vintage furniture from the mid-century era and a few modern design objects as well as matching decoration make the look perfect.

With these painted Boho pictures, a few plants, ceramic objects and natural materials, any room can be stylishly decorated. Our DIY Boho tutorials include different, simple shapes that are ideal. This way, you can paint your own Boho pictures and put them together to create your own personal work of art.

Our DIY Boho painting instructions

You are as enthusiastic as we about the minimalist art of the Boho Style and want to create your own abstract art painting? No problem with our DIY instructions for Boho paintings! We’ll give you some ideas on how you can paint Boho pictures yourself.

More DIY instructions for decoration and more in Boho Style

In addition to minimalist Boho style artworks in the form of self-made pictures, this style can also be used in many other DIY projects. From self-made mobiles to individualised Boho-style pencil cases, there are no limits to your creativity.

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