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Brush Lettering Tutorial: Create your own Brush Lettering Card

Brush Lettering Tutorial: Create your own Brush Lettering Card

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Material overview

What you need

Step-by-step tutorial

At first you decide where the optical center of your lettering is and mark this point. Note that this point is located slightly above the actual geometrical center. However, the optical center is perceived as the center by the human eye. Later the “i” from the word “with” will be placed at this mark. Now you sketch the phrase with your pencil according to the template. Don’t press too hard. The lines will be erased afterwards, so that they don’t shine through.

Now you write the words “spirit” “wild” and “heart” with your brush pen.

After that you complete the rest of the words and the banner with the fineliner. Now place a shadow around the written words with the brush pen in the colors grey or pink. Perfect, your lettering is already done, and you can do the floral ornaments next.

Sketch the flowers, leaves and feathers with your pencil. Flowers are painted whilst you paint 4 little “hearts” with your brush pen and then color them with the water-fillable brush. You don’t need to put on extra paint here. Draw one flower after another, otherwise the ink is too dry yet and creating the watercolour effect will be difficult.

Once all flowers are painted you can put colour on a plate/mixing palette with your brush pen. Pick up the colour with your water brush and paint the leaves. You can place accents with the already dissolved blue colour in your water brush in the same way. Like that the feathers are painted firstly with blue (it makes them more dominant and brings more contrast) and secondly with a berry tone.

Now you take a pink brush pen and put accents on the flowers, leaves and feathers. After that you can place accents with the grey brush pen in the same way.

Take the black brush pen and colour the contours to give the flowers and leaves more contour. The contours can be thinner or thicker or even lay a little bit above/under the coloured areas. This gives the picture a certain interest and creates a “loose” effect. Even if the line is interrupted it is no problem. Now the possible gaps are filled with brush pen leaves. Take a brush pen, paint a fine line and set leaves in the same color by pressing the brush pen on the paper. You can also fill in the white space between lettering and flowers with fine leaves in pink and blue.


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