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Baby Shower - bunting

Baby Shower - bunting
60 min Easy

No baby shower would be complete without this bunting.
A garland makes a charming decoration for any baby shower. This colourful bunting reflects all the joy of a new baby and is an easy way to brighten up your room. Create customised baby shower bunting to welcome the new arrival.

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Step-by-step tutorial

Cut out the bunting template and transfer it to the watercolour paper.

Download template

Cut 10 bunting pennants using the template. Now use the coloured watercolour pencils to shade in the front of each pennant in different colours. It looks best if you choose pencils form the same colour family.

Go over the shaded areas with a water brush. Make sure you go over the lighter colours first and then the darker colours.

Blend the colours while they're still wet to create lovely colour gradients. Leave everything to dry completely.

Print off the lettering template and cut out the individual letters. Then take the first letter and shade over the reverse side using the 6B Mars Lumograph pencil.

Download template

Place the template on the pennant shaded side down. Use the HB pencil to trace over the outline of the letter, so as to transfer the design onto your pennant.

Take a brush pen in a colour of your choice and colour in the letter.

Now paint the letter in watercolour using the water brush, creating lovely effects.

The colour will be more intense where you have used more colour and less intense where you have used less.

Once everything is completely dry, use the black 0.3 mm pigment liner to go over the shadows as per the template.

To create an even more effective look, use the grey brush pen to draw a thick grey line next to the black line.

Now decorate the background using the 0.3 mm pigment liner. One or two hearts or flowers will look sweet.

You can also colour the backs of the pennants by simply repeating the above steps. The lettering can be done using the pigment liner in black or in bright colours.

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
STAEDTLER® 146 10C Watercolour pencil - Metal case containing 24 watercolour pencils in asssorted colours 14610C M24 1
STAEDTLER® 949 Water brush - Blistercard containing 4 brushes: round fine, round medium, round large, chisel 949-SBK4-C 1
pigment liner 308 Fineliner - STAEDTLER box containing 6 pigment liner in assorted colours (yellow, fuchsia, light blue, light green, light brown, grey), line width approx. 0.5 mm 30805S2SB6 1
Noris® 965 Hobby scissors - Blistercard containing scissors with 17 cm blade 965 17 NBK 1
Mars® Lumograph® 100 Drawing pencil - Single product HB 100-HB 1
Mars® Lumograph® 100 Drawing pencil - Single product 6B 100-6B 1

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