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Jewellery accessories

Jewellery accessories

FIMO jewellery accessories from STAEDTLER offer beginners as well as professionals a wide range of materials for making beautiful accessories. It couldn’t be easier to make your own stunning and unique pieces of jewellery. Find the appropriate accessories, enjoy your time crafting and take delight in the beautiful results you can achieve.

FIMO jewellery accessories for that wow factor

Beautiful and unique accessories that complement your outfit and complete your look – you can now make them yourself very easily with FIMO jewellery accessories and admire the finished result.

  • Create your own delicate beads using a bead roller.
  • Special bead-piercing pins make it easier to pierce holes in the beads.

Using FIMO modelling clay and the appropriate accessories, you can craft stunning pieces of jewellery that truly have the wow factor. Whether you wear the jewellery yourself or surprise some else with a gift.

Delicate handmade pieces of jewellery

Do you already have your own ideas in mind that you would like to transform into creative jewellery accessories? Using the FIMO bead roller, you can very easily make beads of the same size in a variety of different shapes:

  • Bicone-shaped
  • Olive-shaped
  • Ball-shaped

Special bead-piercing pins can be used to pierce holes cleanly in beads that have not yet hardened – without causing any deformation. The pins are available in two diameters (0.8 mm and 1.7 mm) for small and large holes.