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STAEDTLER – The right choice for you and the environment

STAEDTLER – The right choice for you and the environment

STAEDTLER is one of the oldest industrial companies in Germany and ranks among the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of writing, colouring, drawing and creative products. While we continue to provide our consumers with high-quality products, we also want our fans and users to know that every time when they choose and use a STAEDTLER graphite pencil or coloured pencil for various applications such as writing or colouring, not only are they choosing a responsible brand and using reliable products, but by doing so, they are also placing sustainability in their hands.

We are thrilled to launch our Sustainability Campaign with the theme “Sustainability is in your hands” this year. The main objective of our campaign is to educate all STAEDTLER users and fans in Malaysia on what sets the STAEDTLER brand apart from other stationery brands here in this country, especially when it comes to fulfilling our commitment and responsibility towards the environment.

Sustainability and protection of the environment

The STAEDTLER corporate philosophy attaches great importance to the protection of the environment, consumers and company employees. Each and every employee plays a part in fulfilling our responsibility towards the environment. Long before the emergence of the many eco-standards and environmental seals, STAEDTLER was already demonstrating corporate responsibility through environmentally friendly processes and a self-imposed eco-controlling system. These are all visible from the recyclable materials that we use in our packaging and how we source and process our wood, which is one of the most important raw materials in the production of STAEDTLER wood-cased pencils.

All wooden STAEDTLER graphite pencils and coloured pencils are made using certified wood from sustainably managed forest. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certification are visible on the packaging of our graphite pencils and coloured pencils where you can see the FSC or the PEFC logos at the back of our packaging.  With these certifications, STAEDTLER ensures the documentation and improvement of sustainable forestry management in relation to economic, environmental, and social standards. By using only certified woods, STAEDTLER thus underscores its commitment to the environment and its sense of responsibility in respect of wood – an essential raw material.

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To create more awareness on the topic of sustainability, we have created three engaging contests throughout the year inviting different age groups to participate.
Children & adults are invited to join these contests:

1. “Sustainability is in your hands” Colouring Contest

For children age 3 – 12 years-old, we will organize an online nationwide “Sustainability is in your hands” colouring contest during the school holidays in May and in December this year.

“Sustainability is in your hands” Colouring Contest 1

22 May – 21 June 2021

For more information on these colouring contests click on the below tabs:

Colouring Contest 1 E-Poster

Colouring Contest 1 T&C

Colouring Contest 1 Colouring Sheet


“Sustainability is in your hands” Colouring Contest 2

1 – 31 December 2021

For more information on these colouring contests click on the below tabs:

Colouring Contest 2 E-Poster

Colouring Contest 2 T&C

2. "Creativity in Sustainability" Inter-Primary School and Inter-Secondary School Design Contest

The contests has been suspended until further notice due to the Full Lockdown Movement Control Order (FMCO) from 01 to 14 June 2021. We would like to say thank you to all of the schools that have confirmed their participation with us and appreciate your understanding and patience regarding this unforeseen situation.

3. “Sustainability is in your hands” Video Contest

This video contest invites individuals age 18 years-old and above to participate individually or in a group to create a creative and engaging 3 minutes video on the campaign topic. Winners will take home STAEDTLER products and cash prizes! The duration for this video contest is from 1September – 15 October 2021. STAEDTLER Malaysia will shortlist 5 videos and upload it on the STAEDTLER Malaysia Facebook page for an online public voting. Voting will begin on 20 October 2021 and end on 10 November 2021. The placement for each prize winners will be determined by the number of likes from the public voting.

For more information on this contest click on the below tabs:

Sustainability is in your hands Video Contest E-Poster

Sustainability is in your hands Video Contest T&C

In short, we have made sure that we have exciting and engaging contests/activities in store for everyone.

We hope you are as excited as we are. Join our campaign and spread the word with your friends, and family.