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DIY idea for kids – creative leaf garland

DIY idea for kids – creative leaf garland
30 min Easy

Tracing out leaves is fascinating for all children. As if by magic, the structure of the leaf becomes visible on the paper. The combination of a discovery tour in the forest when collecting the leaves and then crafting together is particularly beautiful. A perfect way to combine valuable time in nature and creative time together. The leaves can then be used to create a tree or a beautiful garland for the children’s room.


An article by Jessica

Step-by-step tutorial

Collect leaves together outdoors in nature. Discover different tree species and try to name them.

With the help of the rub-through technique, the leaf structure becomes visible on the paper. Place the leaf under a sheet of thin, white paper (printer paper is ideal for this) and gently colour over it with a Noris junior coloured pencil.

Cut out the colourful leaves. Smaller children may need mum or dad's help.

Make two holes in each leaf on the top edge, so that a tape can then be threaded through.

Whether on the window, over the bed or on a mirror – look for a nice spot for your new DIY leaf garland together.

Material overview

What you need

Additionally required:

Scissors, Thin paper, Yarn, Leaves collected outside

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