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DIY Balloon decoration for Valentine‘s Day

DIY Balloon decoration for Valentine‘s Day
10 min Easy

Love is in the air - Create your very own personal Valentine‘s Day decoration. With the Lumocolor permanent marker, a simple balloon can be transformed into an enchanting declaration of love.

Step-by-step tutorial

First come up with a beautiful, loving saying and then inflate some balloons.

Now use the Lumocolor permanent marker to write your saying in a suitable place on the balloon.

Use a red Lumocolor permanent marker to draw hearts or other symbols on the balloon. You can also choose your own personal favourite colours for your text as well as for the balloon.

Create several balloons with different colours, phrases and symbols and decorate them in a pretty arrangement.

Now, you‘re done with your personal declaration of love for your sweetheart.

Material overview

What you need

Additionally required:

Natural latex balloons, biodegradable (heart shaped), Cord

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