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Design your own mantra poster

Design your own mantra poster
45 min Easy

Creative mindfulness
Mindfulness enables us to counter hectic everyday life. It creates the space and peace that allows us to be creative. Listen to yourself and release your creativity.

The power of positive thinking. A mantra is a positive phrase, a short saying or even just a single word that is repeated regularly so that it becomes firmly rooted in your mind. Mantras have been used for more than a thousand years as a way of focusing more clearly on your goals and to positively influence your state of mind. Mantras are very powerful. They can help you to achieve your objectives more easily, to feel happier and more relaxed, and to adopt a generally more positive mindset. Develop your own mantra and keep it in a visible place on a beautifully designed poster. By integrating your mantra into your own beautifully painted design, it’s more likely to stick in your mind. You can also combine your mantra with the meditative effect of a mandala because colouring in mandalas calms and relaxes the mind.


An article by Monja

Step-by-step tutorial

To transfer the shape, simply print out the template and shade over the whole of the back of the paper using the side of the pencil (2B).

Download template 1

Download template 2

Then, place the template on the watercolour paper and trace over the outlines of the pattern using a sharp pencil (HB). Shade in the mandala in your favourite colours using the watercolour crayons.
To achieve a pastel effect, avoid pressing down too hard.

Now, wet a brush, e.g. size 8, and moisten the shaded areas. Go over the colours repeatedly so that all the colour pigments dissolve.

Make sure that you wash out the brush before changing colour. Once you have coloured in one part of the mandala, you can also smudge the colours together (as long as they are still wet) for a beautiful effect.

Shade in the whole of the centre part of the mandala in whichever colour you choose and then go over the colour repeatedly with a wet brush.

A darker colour looks great in the outer corners because it creates a beautiful shadow effect.

Once everything has dried, use the pigment liner 1.0 to go over the lines.

Finally, transfer the lettering template onto the middle of the mandala using the pencil transfer technique explained above, then go over the lettering with a pigment liner.


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Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
pigment liner 308 Fineliner - Single product black, line width approx. 1.0 mm 308 10-9 1
Mars® Lumograph® 100 Drawing pencil - Single product HB 100-HB 1
Mars® Lumograph® 100 Drawing pencil - Single product 2B 100-2B 1

Additionally required:

watercolour paper

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