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How to do handlettering

How to do handlettering
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An article by Ink&Lise

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Start with the pigment liner: draw a curved line that will be made into a banner filling it with block letters. I use 70-inspired chubby letters for ”Greatest” to make it stand out since it’s an important word in the layout. In order to get a little bit of contrast, the word ”yourself” is straight and simple.

Add the words ”is the” with the fine tip of the Calligraphy Duo and ”revolution” with the Brush letter duo. In order to get a brush script, try to increase pressure on the downstrokes, making them thicker, and use less pressure on the upstrokes.

I’ve narrowed it down to 4 colours in order to get some harmony. But you can use more if you want to. Fill out the block letters with the fine tip of the Brush letter duo. I also use the Metallic marker to draw some gold arrows.

When doing the lines in ”Greatest”, I turn the page and do one line throughout the letters at a time, using the fine tip of the Brush letter duo.

Never neglect the details, they make all the difference! If you feel that making the lines into a banner, with some shading on the sides is too tricky, try to skip the ends at each side, just closing the lines and doing the shade effect on each side. That looks fine too. Use the pigment liner 1.0 for that, and the 0.5 for creating details like a drop shadow on ”greatest” and some outline on the arrows will make them ”pop”. Finally, use the Metallic marker to put an extra ”umph” to ”greatest”, et voilá! You’re done!

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Material overview

You need the following STAEDTLER products:

STAEDTLER® 8323STAEDTLER® 8323Metallic penBlistercard containing 5 metallic pen in assorted colours
pigment liner 308pigment liner 308FinelinerSTAEDTLER box containing 8 pigment liner black in assorted line widths (0.05, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 1.2, 0.3-2.0)

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