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Drawing fox on black and white paper

Drawing fox on black and white paper
50 min Easy

The moon glows, the trees whisper and the fox moves silently through the grass. This beautiful drawing is created using black paper for the upper part and white paper for the lower part of the artwork. This amazing combination of papers gives your artwork an extraordinary feel and is simple to recreate.


An article by Anna

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Step-by-step tutorial

This piece uses a rectangular piece of black paper, and a piece of white paper cut into a half-moon shape. Begin with the white paper, cut to the shape and size you need. Lightly sketch the fox and lay down a soft base of green for the background.

Download template

Add some botanical details in shades of green, pink, brown and red. Continue to build up the green colour and details, layer by layer, so you can make sure you don’t add too much! You can always come back to this section at the end to add more depth and detail if you like.

Start with an all-over shade of orange for the fox’s coat, then using the shades of brown, red, and orange, build up strokes of colour to add depth to the coat. Using the dark blue shade over the brown, you can add depth to the darker areas (don’t worry, it blends beautifully with the brown and gives a soft finish).

Now take the black section and mark out where the white will sit in very soft pencil. On this line, draw your pine trees in alternating shades of green.
For the darker green, add some white highlights to show where you imagine the moonlight will hit (the moon in this piece will be in the top left corner).
For the olive green, use yellow for the same effect. This gives the trees some lovely detail and softness.

Now that you have your trees complete, place the white section over the black and add in details using the metallic markers. For this piece I used silver for the moon with a soft shading of white pencil for the glow. The stars are in gold and silver and I used the blue shade to pick out some extra details in the flowers.

Once you are happy, use paper glue to fix the white section onto the black paper!

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
STAEDTLER® 149C Super soft coloured pencil - Cardboard box containing 12 super soft coloured pencils and 4 metallic markers both in assorted colours and 1 metal sharpener 61 149C 1

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