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Drawing elk with pencils and coloured pencils

Drawing elk with pencils and coloured pencils

Get close to nature.
Take yourself on a wonderful journey through the unspoilt landscape of North America. If you‘re lucky, you might have an extraordinary encounter with an elk, whose majestic antlers catch every eye.
Create a fantastic work of art for your home with the versatile products from the Design Journey range.

Step-by-step tutorial

To get a rough overview of how your picture will look later, first sketch in all the outlines lightly with a pencil.
Start with the background, i.e. the high mountains and the trees on the other side of the river. Then draw the foreground, including the magnificent elk in the centre of the picture, half hidden behind the smaller trees, and place a few small shrubs and stones around him.
Bring out the texture of the tree bark and the stones at this point, as well.

Download template

Next, colour in the front part of the landscape with the coloured pencils.
Use lighter shades of green for the shrubs and darker shades for the treetops. Brown tones are good for the ground.

Colour your elk in a range of brown shades. He’ll look especially lifelike if you use lighter and darker shades together and pay attention to light and shadow.

Now turn your attention to the water and the background. Here too, use different shades of green for the trees and the grasses.
Use a range of blue tones for the water, to create the sense that it is moving. Leave a few places clear to show the reflection of the light.

Then shade in the mountains with grey and blue accents and add shadows to the whole picture with a darker colour.
This will give your design more depth.

Last but not least, colour in the final section, namely the sky.
Use a light blue for this, similar to the one you used for the water, and shade over the areas of sky that are still white.
Leave a few places clear here to create two clouds floating above the awesome landscape. Now blend the colours together slightly with a blending stump.
This will create soft transitions between colours and round off your picture beautifully.

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
Mars® Lumograph® 100 Drawing pencil - Single product HB 100-HB 1
STAEDTLER® 5426 Blending stump - Blistercard containing 4 blending stumps, size: 1, 4, 6, 8 5426-S BK4 1

Additionally required:

smooth drawing paper

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