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DIY key board with lettering

DIY key board with lettering
45 min Medium

We all know what‘s it like to run around frantically looking for the key before we want to leave the house - usually, of course, this tends to happen whenever we have an important appointment.
With this DIY key board the search is finally over and your keys are not only practical but also nicely stored.


An article by Vera

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Step-by-step tutorial

For your key board you can either have a wooden board cut to size at the DIY store (e.g. a multiplex board) or you can saw old wooden slats to size and join them with wood glue.
Download the lettering template with the „Welcome“ lettering. Simply set the lettering in your printer settings to the appropriate size of your key board and print it on DIN A4 paper.

Lettering template

Then secure the template on the upper half of the key board using masking tape.
Using a ballpoint pen, trace all the lines of the lettering firmly so that it is pressed onto the wood of the key board.

Remove the template and check if all lines have been transferred well into the wood.
Now trace all visible, pressed through outer lines with the Lumocolor permanent marker duo in black.
Ideally, use the fine side „F“ for this.

Then use the Lumocolor permanent marker with thick bullet tip to fill in the remaining blank areas within the lettering and colour in the letters.

On the back of your key board you can attach small hooks with a hammer.

Place your key hooks evenly on the front of the key board under the „Welcome“ lettering and mark the position with a pencil.

Attach all hooks to the key board using screws and a screwdriver.

If you prefer to attach the key board to just one point of suspension, you can pull a strong string through the suspension hooks on the back and knot the string tightly.

Simply hang it up and you‘re done!

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
Lumocolor® permanent marker 352 Permanent marker with bullet tip - Single product black 352-9 1

Additionally required:

wooden board or wooden slats that are glued together, 2x suspension hooks with small nails, 3x key hooks / small coat hooks with matching screws, screwdriver, optional: sturdy string

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