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Boho Style Drawing

Boho Style Drawing
50 min Medium

Craving sun, the beach and a relaxed lifestyle? Dive into the beautiful world of bohemians with this pretty mandala drawing. Get lost in its geometric patterns and colourful feathers drawn with pigment liners and different colours of the extra-broad fineliner.


An article by Theresa

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Step-by-step tutorial

Draw a circle in the middle of your mixed-media paper. With the graphite pencil separate the circle into 8 parts in the same size.

Start in the lower half of the circle and begin to lightly draw a wreath of feathers along the circle line. Place a moon in the middle of the wreath. In the middle of the circle you draw a banner for your quote. Above it, sketch some flowers. Add geometric elements above your florals. You can find a template for the rough outlines here:

Download template

Once you are satisfied with your sketch, add contours with the pigment liners.

For the elements which should stand out the most, like the banner with your quote, use the pigment liner in line width 0.5. For the finer details like the flowers and small geometric patterns use the pigment liner in 0.2. Use the fine pigment liner for drawing chains in the lower half of the circle.

Use the extra-broad fineliner to add typical boho motifs to the chains, like stars, gems or moons. Use the different colours to colour in your mandala. Drawing visible strokes instead of complete areas makes your drawing seem even more alive.

Add fresh shades of blue and green to the dominating earthy colours.

Material overview

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Additionally required:

mixed media paper

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