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Noris junior - zoo

Loads of fun with animals – your very own zoo
30 min Medium

Giraffes, lions and penguins: give your toy animals a new home with a home-made zoo! Noris junior coloured pencils and a single piece of cardboard are all you need to create a whole new world to play in. And there are no limits to what your animal park can look like. How about making an iceberg for the penguins? Or a grassy elephant enclosure? Where are the lion cubs going to romp around? So – pens and pencils at the ready and let‘s go!

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Step-by-step tutorial

Take a Noris junior coloured pencil in any colour you like and draw streets, paths and a car park for your zoo. Your toy people can park their cars here and stroll around the different animal enclosures.

Now it’s time to get colourful! Draw in trees, plants and flowers in lots of different colours, so that the animals will really feel at home.

A zoo is home to animals from many different continents. Some animals live in sandy savannah landscapes, others live in wild jungles. You’ll also need some watery and icy environments for the penguins, polar bears and sea lions.

The hippopotami and crocodiles will also need lots of water in their enclosures, so that they can bathe and splash around.

Get an adult to make a cut down the length of a toilet roll. Open out the sides carefully to create a tunnel for your toy cars.

Place the tunnel on a road in the zoo. You can choose how many tunnels you want your zoo to have.

Now it’s time to play! Your toy animals can move into their new enclosures and be admired by visitors to the zoo.

Material overview

You need the following STAEDTLER products:

Noris® 965Noris® 965Hobby scissorsBlistercard containing scissors with 14 cm blade

You will also need: a large blank piece of cardboard, empty toilet rolls or kitchen paper rolls, toy animals and people (e.g. home made from FIMO kids modelling clay)

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