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How to Draw a Mandala - Tutorial by Jess Melaragni

60 min Medium

„Art is anything you create and doesn’t have to follow set rules or expectations.“

Jess Melaragni

An article by Jess Melaragni

Step-by-step instructions

For drawing my mandala I have used: A protractor, a ruler, a compass, a pencil, and the STAEDTLER pigment liners which come in a range of widths (I used 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 for this piece).

First I will draw some circles of different widths using the compass.

I will then add some more guidelines using the protractor, the ruler and a pencil. Here I have marked the points at 10 degree intervals.

Next I draw using the pigment liner (0.5) the outline of the mandala elements from the inside out using the guidelines. It’s important to keep the shapes symmetrical around the middle and to maybe repeat the same style throughout the mandala.

After erasing the pencil marks, I will add the details to each element, I like to repeat the same elements a couple of times throughout the mandala as I believe this looks better. Once completed it can be coloured using pencils or triplus fineliners to create a unique colourful design.

Download Mandala

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