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Growing, painting, learning together – STAEDTLER expands its range of painting and crafting products for children aged two years and older, as well as four years and older

Growing, painting, learning together – STAEDTLER expands its range of painting and crafting products for children aged two years and older, as well as four years and older
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Playfully make your first painting and crafting attempts and discover your own talent: STAEDTLER supports children two years and older in their first attempts at creativity with the Noris junior 2+ product range. In 2023, the Noris junior 2+ range will be expanded and the Noris 4+ range introduced. This new range of coloured pencils is specially manufactured in a jumbo format perfect for the hands of children from the age of four – and tailored to their special requirements. And for school children aged 6 years and up, STAEDTLER offers the perfect pencils in a hexagonal or ergonomically triangular shape. Based on these age-related classifications, the age-by-age concept provides just the right pens for every age group – and is always tailored to the particular needs of the children.

STAEDTLER provides small children with ideal colouring and crafting tools included in the Noris junior 2+ range and the Noris jumbo 4+ range. Under the motto “PLAY – EASY – ECO – SAFE” for Noris junior and “EXPLORE – EASY – ECO – SAFE” for Noris jumbo, the high-quality products accompany the first steps into the creative world of drawing and design. Intensive colours and different textures are intended to motivate children from two or four years of age to embark on a creative journey of discovery, and to try out different shapes and colours in a playful way. In this way, lines and curves become important for the very little ones. The 6+ range has a motto of “LEARN – EASY – ECO – SMART” and offers schoolchildren the products from the well-known Noris range.

With the Noris junior children’s crayons, children starting at age 2 can playfully experiment with colour.

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Noris junior for toddlers: the 2+ range

A friendly smiling frog is the clearly visible hallmark for retailers and end consumers: Since 2020, the green mascot has been the hallmark of STAEDTLER’s Noris junior product range, which accompanies children aged two and over in their first painting and crafting attempts. Thanks to the hexagonal, compact shape, the Noris junior 3-in-1 children’s crayons are just as stable in small hands as the Noris junior children’s pencil, newly introduced in 2021. This is made especially for playful experimentation. The super thick lead of the Noris junior 3 in 1 kids’ colouring pencil gives extra high break resistance and motivates children to explore a broad spectrum of up to 18 different colours. STAEDTLER attaches great importance to providing small children with painting and crafting tools that support their cognitive and motor development and are safe and easy to use. True to the product range motto: "PLAY – EASY – ECO – SAFE". The kids’ colouring pencils, the children’s pencil, the wax crayons and the new fibre-tip pens, which are part of the 2+ range, are dermatologically tested.

The right product range

Children start to trust themselves to face and tackle challenges very early on. This growing independence should be actively and safely supported. STAEDTLER supplies a handy tub sharpener for Noris junior pencils. This is suitable for all super thick pencils and crayons. The durable quality blade with blade guard and a flat point angle shape the tip of the pencil to fit perfectly – for a thick and soft colour stroke. The special shape of the sharpener makes it easy to use for both right-handed and left-handed users. The Noris junior safety scissors are particularly light and have a rounded shape. They only cut paper – so hair and textiles are protected from children's inquisitive nature.

The Noris junior product range not only encourages children to draw for the first time, but also gives them creative, sensory experiences with finger paints and lets them use modelling dough to create their first figures with their hands. The finger paints and the exceptionally soft modelling dough, both dermatologically tested, provide the first defining experiences with colours and shapes. There is a painting and craft apron with a dirt-repellent, waterproof coating, so that the little ones can let their imagination run wild undisturbed with lots of colour. It can be machine washed at up to 30 degrees.

Mixed sets to try

The mixed painting set from the Noris junior range includes a colouring book and wax crayons, as well as a Noris junior kids’ colouring pencil, which can be used to draw their very first doodles. The mixed craft set also offers dermatologically tested finger paints and safety scissors. New colours can also be mixed using the enclosed palette.

For pre-schoolers: Noris jumbo 4+ range

As children’s hands grow, impressions are more clearly visualised and articulated. At pre-school age, the requirements for writing and crafting tools change as a result. STAEDTLER has therefore developed the Noris jumbo 4+ range for children aged four and over, which follows on directly from the products in the Noris junior 2+ range. For the age group of four years and older, pencils in jumbo format are no longer hexagonal, but triangular. This shape helps the children to learn the three-finger grip. The Noris colour jumbo coloured pencil is the ergonomic pencil with snon-slip soft urface for relaxed colouring and drawing. The brilliant colours and intense, soft colour produced by the Noris colour jumbo give the children the opportunity to discover the versatility of the colour world. Thanks to the solid, breakresistant yet soft lead, the Noris colour jumbo pencils are the ideal companions for a busy everyday life. The Noris jumbo product range is complemented by thick fibre-tip pens, wax crayons in 12 bright colours and smooth play dough in basic, neon, glitter and pastel colours. The Noris digital jumbo, which makes soft writing and drawing possible on screens, complements the 4+ range.

The Noris colour jumbo coloured pencils in star design are made of Upcycled Wood and are suitable for children from 4 years of age.

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While the Noris junior product series focuses on the motto “PLAY”, the Noris jumbo series puts more emphasis on “EXPLORE”. This way, the two product lines grow with the needs of children of all ages. The intense and bright colours as well as the easy handling are intended to motivate children to embark on further creative discoveries.

Mixed sets to get started

The mixed sets from the Noris jumbo range are the ideal travel companions. Thanks to the practical suitcase packaging, they are easy to take with you. In the sticker craft set, the many stickers with appealing motifs and the selection of coloured pencils guarantee hours of colouring fun. The paper figure craft set includes animal figure craft sheets, wax crayons, glue and scissors – making mobile crafting an option absolutely anywhere! The two sets are also ideal gifts.

Perfect for school: the Noris 6+ range

STAEDTLER offers an extensive range of products with the Noris traditional school brand, which promises pleasant learning experiences, easy handling and environmentally friendly products. The hexagonal and triangular pencils and coloured pencils “Made from Upcycled Wood” are part of the product range.

Creating awareness of sustainability early on

STAEDTLER’s Noris and Noris jumbo product ranges not only foster the imagination, but also raise awareness for the environment. Instead of classic wooden boards, they are instead made of wood chips, which are produced in the wood industry as a by-product or waste product. By continuing to use the chips, the tree is processed holistically, which conserves resources and promotes environmentally friendly production. The coloured pencils and pencils made from Upcycled Wood contain wood from PEFC-certified, predominantly German forests (PEFC/04-31-1227). Not only the products themselves, but also the quality and feel of the packaging used for the Noris, Noris junior and Noris jumbo lines help to encourage a sense of environmental consciousness in children at a young age. The pencils' sustainable packaging has a recycled content of 80 percent.

In the Noris junior range, the message is additionally supported by the green frog, the mascot of the range. It not only decorates the Noris junior packaging as a small ambassador, but also serves as a motivation and template for the little artists, sometimes drawn, sometimes made from play dough or made with finger paints using various colouring and craft instructions. The display elements are partly made of wood and clearly highlight the sustainability of the packaging.