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For a successful start to school: STAEDTLER presents the extensive Noris 6+ range

For a successful start to school: STAEDTLER presents the extensive Noris 6+ range

The start of school is a magical time full of excitement and curiosity, where children overcome challenges and discover new knowledge. To support this important stage in life, STAEDTLER is proud to present the extensive Noris 6+ range – the perfect school companions for children's hands. This product range combines quality and creativity to create a positive learning environment. When children write, draw, paint or work with clay, they improve their fine motor skills, develop new forms of expression and have fun in everyday school life.

The 6+ range around the iconic Noris brand

Millions of children around the world know the Noris school brand. The classic with the iconic yellow and black stripes is a must-have in any pencil case. The Noris pencil stands for the loyal companion in school like no other product from STAEDTLER and we are constantly developing the popular Noris school range.

Embedded in the STAEDTLER age-by-age concept, the Noris 6+ range offers everything children need for a successful start to school. We attach great importance to the principles of “LEARN – EASY – ECO – SMART”, which promise pleasant learning experiences, easy handling and environmentally friendly products.

For first graders and those starting school, the Noris 4+ jumbo range can also be a very good choice especially right at the start, as the thick pencil and coloured pencil format in an ergonomic triangular shape makes it easier for our little ones to get started in the world of drawing and writing. The Noris 6+ range seamlessly follows on from the Noris jumbo products as soon as the children are ready for the next step.

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“Made from Upcycled Wood”

Wood is the heart of numerous STAEDTLER products and is therefore the most important raw material for us. For the “Made from Upcycled Wood” products, we use wood chips which are produced as a by-product in the wood industry. This means that we use the raw material wood much more efficiently than in conventional manufacturing processes. Through upcycling, even the smallest wood residues can be reused in high-quality pencils. All “Made from Upcycled Wood” pencils are Made in Germany. Thanks to their high quality and resistance to breaking, they are particularly durable and save resources.

Equipped with a soft, non-slip surface and highly break-resistant leads, Noris colour coloured pencils are perfect for the start of school. Their bright colours will ensure children have plenty of fun and be in a good mood when painting and drawing. They are available as classic hexagonal coloured pencils or in an ergonomic triangular shape. The latter has a distinctive star shape in the grip zone. The Noris colour is available in pack sizes of 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 colours and in different class sets.

Wood scraps are upgraded through upcycling transformed into something new. The Noris colour pencils are available in different pack sizes of 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 colours and in different class sets.

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In addition to the “Made from Upcycled Wood” pencils, we also offer new fibre-tip pens with a hexagonal shaft shape in our 6+ range. Sustainability also plays an important role for us in these products. The barrel and end cap are made from 97% recycled plastic. The packaging of the fibre-tip pen is also very environmentally friendly with a recycled content of at least 80%. The sturdy, pressure-resistant tip and the fact that the pen can be left open for days without drying out make it particularly durable.

The new Noris writing pen is a fineliner, that makes the transition from writing with a pencil to using a fountain pen child’s play. The barrel is also made from 97% recycled plastic.

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Brand new to the range is the Noris writing pen, a fineliner that makes the transition from pencil to ink writing child’s play. The housing is also made from 97% recycled plastic. It is available in five colours and, thanks to its pressure-resistant tip, it is the ideal first fineliner for school. The Noris 6+ range is supplemented with a wide range of other products such as watercolour boxes, tempera paints, crayons and scissors to make everyday school life more colourful.