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DIY Halloween lantern for kids

DIY Halloween lantern for kids

Trick or Treat – Happy Halloween!
The spooky season is almost here, because Halloween is the end of October. Think crafting lanterns is only popular in November? Wrong! We let the spooky lights blaze even earlier. So how about a creepy lantern? With the Halloween motif, the autumnal colours and the dim glow of the lantern, you certainly have the best ingredients for a spooky evening on October the 31st. And best of all, you can reuse your crafted lantern on St. Martin’s Day to take another evening stroll around the block again.

Step-by-step tutorial

First make a DINA3 print-out of the motif template and cut off the upper and lower white edges.

Download template

Now it’s time to start colouring! Use a couple of Noris colour pencils and colour the picture in colours that match the colour of the nocturnal animals, just as you wish.

When you’re done colouring, carefully cut out the dotted spaces in the lantern template along the edge – an adult can certainly help you do this! These gaps will light up your lantern later.

The only thing missing for the moonlight effect is the tracing paper. Take a sheet of yellow or white tracing paper and carefully stick it to the back of your coloured lantern template.

Let the glued lantern template dry well. You can then glue the two ends of the template together to create the cylindrical shape of your lantern.

Place an LED candle or string of lights inside or attach a stick with LED lights if you wish. And your lantern is done!

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
Noris® colour 187 Coloured pencil - Cardboard box containing 36 coloured pencils in assorted colours 187 CD36 1

Additionally required:

Transparent paper, yellow, Scissors, Glue

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