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Creepy Halloween Dinner - Tags for spooky drinks

Creepy Halloween Dinner - Tags for spooky drinks
40 min Easy

These creative Halloween potions will make a big impression at your creepy party. Little test tubes filled with “vampire blood” look horribly delicious and home-made tags will make them really stand out. Your creepy dinner will have just the right look and your guests will have a perfectly gruesome time.


An article by Claudia

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Step-by-step tutorial

First, print out the template designs. Then cut round each design roughly (leaving extra paper). Shade over the whole of the back of the templates and the banner using a soft pencil (e.g. Lumograph 4B).

Download template

Attach the templates to some white paper, placing masking tape at the top corners. Go over the design with a sharp HB pencil, transferring the design. Before you remove the template, lift it up from the bottom corners to check that you have transferred all the lines.

Go over the lines of the round tag using the triplus fineliner in black. Then cut it out. Go over the edges of the banner with the metallic marker in silver. Don't cut it out yet!

Colour in the containers you have drawn with triplus fineliners in orange, red and grey. Use orange and red for the wording on the banner. Colour in the top part of each letter orange, then immediately fill in the lower part in red. Quickly blend the two colours together using some orange. This will create a lovely colour gradient. You need to have colours that are not yet dry to achieve this effect, so colour in your letters one at a time.

Now cut out the banner. Use the large circle template to cut out an orange paper circle. Punch a hole at the edge with punch pliers. Double up some cord in a matching colour and thread it through the hole. Pass the ends of the cord through the loop and carefully pull the cord tight. Now use the glue stick to attach the banner to the tag and then to the orange circle.

Fill a small test tube with red juice and close it securely. Then twist the tag around the glass and tie it at the back.

Material overview

What you need

ProductArticle no.Quantity
triplus® fineliner 334 Triangular fineliner - Single product black 334-9 1
triplus® fineliner 334 Triangular fineliner - Single product red 334-2 1
Mars® Lumograph® 100 Drawing pencil - Single product 4B 100-4B 1
Mars® Lumograph® 100 Drawing pencil - Single product HB 100-HB 1
STAEDTLER® 8323 Metallic pen - Single product silver 8323-81 1
Noris® 965 Hobby scissors - Blistercard containing scissors with 17 cm blade 965 17 NBK 1

Additionally required:

white and orange paper, masking tape, test tubes, red drink, cord, punch pliers

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